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  1. prmirage

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    Hey folks...I'm hoping someone can help with this.

    I need to change the front shocks on my '02 Suburban. I have the Autoride system. I knew the backs were tough to find and expensive so I'm holding off on those. However, the fronts I thought would be a slam dunk until I saw what appears to be some sort of electronic plug attached to the top of the existing shock.

    Can anyone tell me what this is and if I need a special shock?

    I prematurely purchased the Bilstein BE5-6500 set but am afraid to install them now that I've seen that plug.

    here's a link to the Bilsteins:

    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated...
  2. Z71_guy

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    can you take a picture of this plug in, never see that before
  3. Jacqson

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    Both the front & rear shocks on an Autoride truck are specialized electronic shocks only available from the General or Monroe. These shocks cost around $300.00 Ea depending on where you buy them. If you try and use any other type of shock except for the Electronic ones your DIC is going to light up like a christmas tree. I have an 02 2500 Sub which I totally removed the Autoride system and replaced the shocks with Bilstein 5100's. Here is the info on how I accomplished the removal, if you have any questions, let me know. disconnect
  4. prmirage

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    to Jacqson


    Thank you so much for your reply. Although nothing would please me more than to bypass the Autoride, after reading your tech directions, I have to be honest and say that this option is really not viable for me. I simply would not have the time to do all this. My wife is the primary driver on this vehicle, I drive another car. I would only have maybe a Sunday to get all this done. Possibly a portion of a Saturday.

    You did however verify for me that the fronts are actually electronic as well and I thank you. I will be returning the Bilsteins.

    Now, after much research I found a company that makes replacement shocks for the Autoride system that, while still a bit much, their cost is WAAAAYYYY less than factory. They also have some actual OEM's purchased as Overstock items that they are selling as sets for nearly the same cost as the dealer charges for ONE! Yes, that's basically 2 for the price of one...Here is the link:

    I'm going to go ahead and order the fronts for now as the backs are still doing well but I suspect I will be changing those in the not too distant future. (Gotta save my pennies...:neutral:)

    I hope the above info helps anyone else in this predicament and thanks for your input...


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