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Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by Metaluzc, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. Metaluzc

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    As the title says, I'm going to be updating some of the front suspension and steering components on my '03 Silverado. There are some noises and wabbles from the front-end and I'm going with bigger tires eventually so I figured upgrading would be a wise idea. Right now my list of new parts include; upper and lower control arms w/ball joint assembly (both sides), inner and outer tie rods (both sides), idler arm (both sides), pitman arm (both sides), and axle assembly (both side). What else should I replace? What brand names are recommended or should I go OEM/OE? Any advice would be appreciated.
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  2. murdog94

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    Moog!!! best brand out there and has lifetime warranty and built 100 times better than OEM.. and go polyurethane (spelling) with the bushings you wont be disapointed
  3. Metaluzc

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    That company keeps coming up during my searches, was hoping they were good. They have decent prices.
  4. murdog94

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    You really cant get anything better to be honest... Tough as nails. I have a lot of buddies that have run more expensive stuff and torn it up, only to go back to Moog and outlast the truck basically
  5. silveradotrailblazer

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    X2 with the Moog. There more money but worth it.
  6. stevenje98

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    how come your replacing the control arms? Just press out the ball joints and put some moogs or spicers in. no need to spend that extra on control arms.
    you could save that money and put on some T6 super diesel sleeves over the inners. this will really beef up your tie rods and they will fit over the Moog inners . A pair is $55.00 bucks with shipping. The guy that sells them in Delaware I think runs a site called creatures of the night. something like that. They are nice . I ordered some myself.

    So far your doing good. think about the wheel bearings for that 03, that could be some of the noise. I don't know how many miles you have on it. I put on some SKF bearings on my front end this weekend, took about 15 minutes to take them off. trick is slightly loosen the bearing nut while the truck is on the ground and the rest is breeze.

    axle assembly- you mean your short shaft? CV. Do the bearings first they are most likely to go before the the axle short shaft CV

    Do the bushing on the sway bar, it's a cheep upgrade,

    Bump stops, AKA Jouncers thats what GM engineers call them. They get worn and torn from the inside out. They are located next to your shocks in the front above the lower control arm; there big cant miss them. GM dealers only sell them they should be about $ 40 bucks each,it will improve your truck ride over holes and bumps in the road believe me. yours are most likely shot by now if it's and 03.
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