Front tires wobble and shake the whole vehicle

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  1. chipmunk222

    chipmunk222 New Member

    Hopefully someone can give some insight on this, I have read through the other forum posts but have not found anything specific that might help, so I thought I would ask.

    96 Tahoe, has an annoying bounce that feels like it's coming from the rear driver side of the vehicle, it had a questionable tire on there so I decided that I would get a new one. In the process I found a nice set of used wheels that I wanted to put on also. Ended up purchasing 3 new tires (one original tire was almost new so I didn't replace that one) to put on the wheels, all were mounted and balanced and put on the vehicle.

    The vehicle now along with the annoying bounce in the rear end, now has a squirrely feeling when driving over the back roads near our house and will sometimes shake uncontrollably and you have to slow down to almost a stop to get it to straighten out. This vehicle had no front end shake before the new tires and wheels were installed today.

    I didn't think these tires were that much larger than the original tires and was in hopes of avoiding this shake. I have a 94 suburban that has this same exact problem after installing a set of aftermarket wheels and fairly large tires, we replaced almost everything under the front end of the suburban and nothing ever took the shake out of the front end and we have been driving it like this for over a year with no problems and no unusual tire wear, so I don't want to go through the whole process of changing all the front end parts on the tahoe just to find that it does no good.

    Is there something I am missing? I know the control arm bushing were one of the things that were not changed on the suburban, I just didn't think they could make that much difference. Both the suburban and the tahoe appear to need them. Can this be a source of this whole problem I am dealing with on these two vehicles and why would I only experience the shake after installing aftermarket wheels and new tires? And if the bushings were bad shouldn't it have the same shake if the bushing were bad with the factory wheels? Any help would be appreciated.


    The tires are 265/75/16 on american racing rims.
  2. ippielb

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    check the lugs to make sure that they're snug on, because this happened to my mom, and her tire flew off her car when she was driving.
  3. vncj96

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    This still sounds like a balancing issue. Try taking them to another reputable place and have them balanced again, tell them the whole story and maybe they can cut you a break in the hopes they find a problem and gain a new customer.
  4. chipmunk222

    chipmunk222 New Member

    Lug tightness

    We torqued each lug in a criss-cross pattern to 90lbs, but we are going to re-torque them in the morning, I wish it was something that simple but that is never my luck.
  5. chipmunk222

    chipmunk222 New Member


    I took the tahoe out for a spin just after I wrote the first post. It started to jump around about a half mile from my house and after driving around for about an hour, it hasn't done it again. I don't know what would cause it to just stop jumping. But I'm too tired and my thinking is off, so maybe I better hold off thinking any more until the morning. It still has the annoying hop in the back, haven't been able to shake that one yet.
  6. vncj96

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    The hop i would say maybe the springs and/or shocks are done for, just like when you see a cars tires bouncing from worn struts
  7. unplugged

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    Sounds like the tires were flat spotted. Tires that sit overnight can develop a flat spot where the tread meets the road. Especially if the tires are under inflated. Some tire brands are more affected than others. Once rolling, as the tires heat up, the flat spots smooth out and so does the ride. Keep your tires inflated to spec and you should be ok.
    FYI, if you have chronic vibration issues, consider having the tires balanced on the vehicle. The better tire shops have the equipment and the balancing will include wheel/tire/drum or rotor in the equation.

    Also consider shaving the tires to true them. I used to do this regularly back in the 80's. I actually got better tire mileage by shaving off a few 32nds to get them "round."

    These days I'm less anal about such things and just run 'em as they come off the shelf.
  8. chipmunk222

    chipmunk222 New Member

    Crazy front end is gone... still bouncy in the back

    The tires have been great today, so hopefully whatever was the original problem has cleared itself up.

    The bounce is still in the back but I did notice after going over a speed bump that when the front tires cleared the bump there was a cushion feel but when the back tires went over there was just a thud feeling with no cushion at all. Possibly need shocks?

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