FS-1998 2WD Burb-208,000 miles-$2000-New Orleans

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    I don't really expect to sell my 208,000 mile 2wd 98 Suburban, but on the off chance I can here it is.
    Everything works-power driver seat,windows,mirrors ,heaterAC. $2000.
    Lots of new-rebuilt parts
    AC,intake gasket at 155,000 miles $2000
    Trans rebuilt 185,000 miles $2000
    Radiator,Brake booster, belt tensioner, water pump 203,000 miles
    Bilstein shocks 198000 miles

    I'm trying to sell it because if I did I would take a chance on a 2002 Suburban -100,000 miles- a repo- for about $5000=TTL etc. I would like the 5.3 and the side airbags and the lower years/miles.If we didn't take long trips across TX, I would- and probably will-stick with the 98 since it is a proven winner.

    I got 21.3 mpg on two 3000 mile trips-cruise control on 68 mph ,all highway, .I get 13-16 mpg in all city driving-driving carefully to get good mpg of course.

    You can get me at phoebeisis at aol or here.
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