FS 2010 GMC Sierra Denali 2wd 40,000 miles

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    IMG_0667.jpg For sale: 2010 Sierra Denali Crew Cab. 40k miles as of yesterday. No smoking, no animals, no children have been in the truck. Black exterior/tan & brown interior. nav, sunroof, power back glass, tint, sat radio, leather. 2wd. never abused. $35500 obo. throwing in a $350 detail package with purchase.

    I'm selling my 2010 Sierra Denali Crew cab. 2wd. JUST hit 40k miles yesterday. Still has remainder of 5yr/100k powertrain warranty. Options include:

    Back up assist
    Adjustable Pedals
    Running boards
    Heated/Air Conditioned Front seats
    Leather Interior
    Sat Radio/Multi disc cd
    Black exterior/Tan & Brown Interior
    Power sunroof
    Power back glass
    15% tint all around and theres more not listed.

    This truck was bought new by me and has only been driven by me. No animals have been in it, no one has ever smoked in it, no children have ever been in it. I'm selling it because I have no use for a truck and I'm leaning more towards an SUV. I love this truck and if I felt like holding 2 car notes I would just keep it. It's never been ragged out or even been offroad (I parked it on grass once if that counts as offroad). The heaviest lifting it's done was an empty trailer I pulled for a friend. It's pretty much only been from my house in Cordova to Collierville and back for the last few years.

    No problems with the truck at all. Always serviced and never abused. Wheels have never been curbed/scraped.

    The buyer will also be given a $350 detail job at a local detail shop. I was going to have it detailed but then I thought I'd let the buyer decide if they wanted that or not.

    Here's a link to a Google+ gallery with 6 or so pics of the truck.


    I'm not making a cent off of this sale. Just want to walk away from the truck with as few financial bruises as possible.

    Any questions you may have are welcome. Thx
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