FS: Factory Non-Tow Mirrors, power folding with blinkers 07+

Discussion in 'General Classifieds' started by gkatmar, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. gkatmar

    gkatmar Member


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  2. gkatmar

    gkatmar Member

    Bump, any offers.....
  3. db3812

    db3812 Rockstar

    Offer on mirrors

    I'll make an offer. $ 75 for both mirrors plus shipping to 30028
  4. LHnick

    LHnick New Member

    maybe a stupid question but I wonder why my 2011 did not come with folding mirrors or turn signals. Do you think my truck is wired up for these ones already? Do they have the chrome mirror caps on them?
  5. gkatmar

    gkatmar Member

    Sometimes GM just doesn't include certain things. I have an SLT model and it didn't come with a tail gate lock, $30 piece crazy. Anyways, all trucks are pre-wired, so you could use these. I don't have the chrome caps, you can buy these online for pretty cheap. Thanks
  6. gkatmar

    gkatmar Member

    Sale Pending...

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