Fuel Comparison: Propane vs E85 vs CNG vs 10% Ethanol Gasoline

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Pikey, Jun 19, 2013.

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    How much does a propane conversion run? Propane near my home is going for around $2.25.
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    Propane conversion, or better said addition, costs as much as $7000. Thats all new equipment and tanks. That might put it out of most budgets. Used equipment would put it under $1000 (forklifts for regulators and RV's for tanks)(You can always use forklift tanks too). But if you do the math and can swing it, makes much sense. Engines run cleaner, last longer, and drops maintenance costs due to extended oil changes. Your cost of LP is retail local. Wholesale delivered is only about $1.30. Add storage costs and it bumps it to $1.50 for average use. Now don't get me wrong. I am just as limited as the next guy as far as money but if you can make the jump to $2.00 fuel or less just figure all of the money that frees up. I am easily burning through $120 per week in just fuel (Sometimes that in a day). Cut that in half to $60. Multiply that by 52 weeks. Thats over $3000 per year. Add my college student daughter's driving and it is over $6000 a year. Two years, free conversion for each. Then install a large tank. Ebay has them on there for $5000 or less. I just helped a farmer here install a 12,000 tank. Thats large enough for a LP transport. That gets you down to the $1.50 level.
    What might make more sense for the average user would be to contact several LP suppliers. Explain what your intentions are. I am betting they would install a 1000 gal tank free of charge. At least one in my area does. Or buy your own 1000 tank. Alto Gas drops thier price .30 cents if you own your own. I bet this path would drop your cost to under $2 per gallon. They would deliver right to your house. no gas station lines. No floating fuel prices. Once filled, price is set till next fill. Next time gas prices spike due to refinery problems, pipeline problems, or the Exxon CEO needs a new car, you just smile and drive on.
    Now most of this applies to E85 too. It is getting more difficult to find companies that deliver fuel to residential settings but more than one in my area does. The wholesale price plus Michigan taxes here is about $2.60 per gallon delivered. The conversion cost for vehicles to run E85 properly is under $500. This is the better choice for the average user. Most GM vehicles will already run it with little or no conversion cost. Take a look at your owners manual. If you show up at my station with a 500 gallon tank I will personally fill it for $2.75 right now. Maybe $2.70. I would have to sharpen my pencil.
    The limiting factor to saving money on fuel is personal ambition. Just do it.

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