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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by rgrover, Sep 9, 2009.

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    I had a fuel control module fail. transistor burnt up, truck quit.. I found the module, replaced with unit from salvage yard. While trouble shooting I can not find a schematic that shows this module.

    Now that I have replaced this module, my truck starts and runs for about 20 seconds. then dies... I watched the gray wire near the fuel pump relay and it stays 12 volts until after it dies. then drops off (oil pressure)... The brown wire with the tracer near the fuel pump control module goes from about 10 volts to nothing right before shutdown. what is actually controlling this? (the transistor that had burnt up gets pretty warm as well)

    I measured the brown wire to ground and it reads 38 ohms (assumed fuel pump motor)(module removed) fuel pump and wiring assumed good?

    truck is a 91 chevy K2500 5.7 liter

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Any place I can find a schematic would be good as well.. Hays manual does not have it.

    Thanks, not fishing because truck is dead.
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    sorry little confused when you say fuel pump module are you talking about the pump in the tank
  3. rgrover

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    Nope, the "Fuel pump control module" (I also found it called a "Hot fuel module") is located behind the glove box just under the ECM mounted in a small 3x2.5x1" plastic box with a 3 wire harness about a foot long (If you google the part number 10052973 they have a nice picture of it.

    anyhow I think I am healed (at least for now) I followed a link in the General questions area (link did not work but got close enough that I could get to the OHIO Library site and onto some "alldata" database. I was able to download a schematic that actually showed the module.

    I had gone to a junk yard and acquired a used part.. Seems it is on on the heavier trucks with at least a 5.7 in them...

    this module runs the fuel pump for about 20 seconds until the oil pressure get ups and then the oil pressure switch keeps the fuel pump running.

    What confused me was, I ASSUMMED that the pump, relay and fuse were good being as they worked at engine start up... NOPE...... the module is un fused and independent of they fusing... (my stupid fuel pump fuse was blown) I surmised that when my module burnt up it took out the fuse as well..

    I replaced the fuse and the world was well again..

    odd problem though (well for me anyhow)

    Thanks for the question.

    I went fishing this weekend :)

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