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  1. homer911

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    This seems like a very odd problem. I have a 93 K2500 5.7 burban. The issue i am having is. i will be driving down the road shortly after start up and it just dies. Has spark but no fuel coming from injectors was cranking. It i pour a little fuel down the throttle body i useally starts right back up. I am not sure what the deal is. There are no codes. Im not sure if it is possibly the TPS, IAC, MAP, ECM. New fuel pump 7 months ago. Fuel filter 2 months ago. Someone help plz
  2. unplugged

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    Measure the pump pressure. TBI should be in a range of 9 - 13lbs psi. If the pressure is good, chances are the pump is OK. If not check the filter and then retest. If the pressure is still low, the pump may have crapped out. Other fuel delivery problems can be caused by a faulty gas cap, or obstruction in the fuel return line.
  3. homer911

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    there is no shrader valve to check fuel pressure
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    Also, check to make sure you dont have any junk in the gas tank. I got a fuel pump clogged up right after I replaced it b/c I got some junk in my gas tank...if that is the problem you may get lucky and it hasn't ruined the pump yet so you wont have to replace it.
  5. homer911

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    for starters i am sorry for not being more indepth with the issue here. Its my fault.

    whats happiening is i will start it up everything is fine. Ill go anywhere from .25 to 10 miles from home. I will go to stop and it dies. Pour a bit of fuel down throttle body. I can keep it running with my foot on the gas. Sometimes when i let off it will die again other times it will keep running till it desides to shut down again. I replaced the MAP sensor this weekend. (There must of been a speical on them this weekend in my area. Had to go to 4 different autoplace stores to finally find one.) Seems to run a little bit better but still dies out. Unpluged the IAC so it would run in default but it is still dieing. I hope that this is a little bit more indepth. WOuld of wrote something sooner but i beleave the server was down all weekend.... Thanks in advance.....
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    I concur. Completely.
  7. unplugged

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    Don't throw the towel in.....get creative and put your own test port inline. I had a Dodge van with an intermittent problem. I bought an off the shelf fuel gauge and plumbed it inline and zip tied it between the wipers where I could see it. Then I was able to easily diagnose that the pressure was dropping when the vehicle was stalling.

    It's not a lot of fun to replace an in-tank fuel pump but I always feel better when I know that the pump is bad when I do it.
  8. homer911

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    when i replaced the fuel pump a few months ago i cheated BIG TIME!!!! i cut a hole in the floor pan right over the top of the pump. Easyally saved me hours of draining and pulling the tank.

    Due they make a in line shrader valve for tbi's or is it something that i will have to fangle myself? I already have the pressure gauge.
  9. unplugged

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    Aftermarket schrader valves are available. Just make sure it has a cap to seal it, because they are notorious for leaking.

    I will admit to taking my nibbler to the sheet metal for a custom access panel. Sometimes, it makes you wonder why the factory didn't provide the cutout.
  10. homer911

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    I would like to thank you all for your help with this matter... It ended up being the MAP sesor after all... I changed it last Sunday and everythigns been grand ever sence... Thanks again
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