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  1. skipraf

    skipraf New Member

    I tried searching but can not find anything. I need to remove and replace my fuel tank filler neck due to rot. I can not find any instruction in my chiltons or on line. Can someone walk me through the steps? I have it as far as disconnecting the neck from the larger vent hose by the fill side, I'm just uncertain to the removal from the fuel tank side. Thanks in advance for any help. If this has been covered, please link me. Thanks again!

    2001 silverado 4.8L extra cab 4x4
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    CHERRY GT New Member

    Same issue here, I looked at a service manual it says to lower the tank on silverado's to remove the clamp at the tank. I looked last night, I can reach up there and touch the clamp, but not sure I can get a tool up there to remove it. I'll be trying to remove it tonight after work.
    I'd be up for any info before tonight.
    Thanks !
  3. skipraf

    skipraf New Member

    I saw that too (the hose to the tank). What does it say about the fill tube, the inner tube for the gas, going into the tank? I'm just worried about pulling it out and not getting it back in. Does your manual say anything about installation? Thanks and good luck, please let me know how you make out.

    CHERRY GT New Member

    Sure will. It says nothing about installation other than what I posted above, but if I get it off I'll shoot a couple pics and let you know what I find tonight.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Well got it out and fixed in less than an hour. I was able to reach the hose clamp at the tank for the outer hose without moving the tank. The fill tube inside of the outer vent hose just pushes into the tank and just pulls out, you can see what I mean in the pic below. Turns out mine was cut with a knife on the outer hose so I just used a piece of pipe to splice it back together and all seems to have worked fine. Way easier than I had imagined :) You may want to pull the filler out like I did so that the inner tube can be pushed back in when you replace the filler neck, looks like the filler neck and inner tube maybe one piece.

    This is what it looked like when I pulled it out.

    This is what my repair ended up looking like.
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  5. skipraf

    skipraf New Member

    Thanks Cherry GT, You are a big help. The inner sliding out is what I was hoping for. The inner and neck come as one piece, thats what it looks like when I looked at the pictures to buy the replacement. Im going to order it tonight. The neck on mine is all rusted out and holed, I keep getting the gas cap leak code(p0442) and those holes are probably the or part of the reason. Ill let you know how it goes when it arrives. Thanks again! Huge help.
  6. skipraf

    skipraf New Member

    I got a chance to work on the neck yesterday. The place that I was going to get the replacement one from was out. I came up with this idea. When I got the filler neck out I saw that I defiantly had rust holes in the metal part that the outer vent hose attaches to. I cleaned up that piece removing the bracket that held the small vent(?) tube that ran up next to the filler. Next I got a piece of 2" fuel safe hose from NAPA, some clamps, and gasket sealer. I removed the existing vent hose. I flared out the end of the new hose so I could overlap it over the stock vent hose. I cut it to fit over the steel piece of the filler neck and applied the the gasket sealer, slid the new hose over the steel neck and hose clamped it up by the filler end, against the mounting bracket. Next, I slid the stock hose back on and sandwiched it between the new hose and its original spot on the steel neck. Gasket sealed and clamped. This should have taken care of the air leaks on the steel neck. Reinstalled. I still have to reset the computer and see how I did.
    closeup.jpg fillerneck.jpg
    I did not take a before pic. But CherryGt has a pic of what the filler neck looked like stock posted above. In a nut shell I just covered the rot with hose, sealing it. In theory.
  7. skipraf

    skipraf New Member

    I dont know the name of that tube, but there was one like that mounted to a tab on the rotted filler. It just mounted to the filler(tube) right next to it. On my new set up I just zip tied it in the same area, about half way between the two hose clamps about 2 inches down the 1/4 inch tube from the top. hope that helps.

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