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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by foxden, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. foxden

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    My 1995 C2500 (Diesel)fuel gage jumps around alot especially after the fuel burns down alittle. I suspect the sending unit.Any thoughts. I know I need to drop the tank down to check/replace. Any advice on dropping the tank and changing the sending unt would be appreciated.
  2. jfr1800

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    I have changed a coouple of fuel sending units on gas engines and I find it easyer to lift the box as opposed to dropping the tank. Once the 8 bolts holding on the box and the screws on the fuel filler have been removed 4 guys can lift the box and move it back enough to get at the sending unit.

  3. foxden

    foxden New Member

    Appreciate the reply, the problem is it 's a Suburban.
  4. stephan

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    There's a thread on here about how to drop the tank & repl the FP in a Burban done by "Backcountryhorsewoman" enter her user name in the search box above & it will take you to her posts.

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    I had some time so I looked up the thread Foxden. I don't remember if she noted that this is easier to do with an empty tank, but fuel weighs 6+ lbs per gallon so schedule the tank drop when you're on empty

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  5. Revredneck

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    The job isn't too bad, as long as the tank is empty. Either drive it till it's practically empty, or pump the fuel out before you do the repair.
    Also, about 95% of the time, fuel gage problems are caused by defective tank units, so you're on the right track here.
    Good Luck and God Bless

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