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    I have a hard time using this system.
    I have a '92 Silverado 3/4 454 2500 w/75k miles. The fuel guage stayed at about 1/2 then when full it went way past full; the guage was off about 30 degrees. We, a friend mainly, dropped the tank-about an hour+; it was empty. I went to about 5 parts places including Chevy. Auto Zone was the only one w/a sender & pump unit, AND the 2 seperately. Together it was about $250; seperate parts about $100 for sender and $50 for pump. He said to get a new pump since the tank was off. He also took the panel out to look at the guage. He assembled the 2 seperate units and reinstalled.
    It works great so far; nearly empty and the needle is where it should be. I haven't filled it yet but see no reason why it won't be ok.
    Any questions email me: rexdavisson@yahoo.com.

    I recently made a trip from Blythe (I 10 by the Colorada river) to Palm Springs, west about 115 miles. I put $60 in my 454 at c. $3.50 a gallon. The needle seemed to work fine but went to the warning zone near Palm Springs. Actually it flucuated a bit coming down the mountains into Indio. But basically I think that the repair made mainly by my friend Clifford Hayes Jr. did the trick. He even took out the panel guages and checked them.

    Does anyone know much about repairing a headliner in this truck? I am just 5'9" so the sag in mine doesn't bother me but I would like to get it fixed. I'm not looking for a totally professional job. I've had a couple of comments but would appreciate hearing other views, if any.
    don or rex
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    glad you fixed your problem :great:
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    hey just saw your new posts about the headliner. i am actually going to be putting a camo headliner in my truck this weekend. actually i wont really my brothers girlfriend knows how too and did it in his truck so she is gonna do mine. I went to a surplus store and they have fabric that is meant for headliners there. it is a duck blind type advantage camo. than just use 3M spray adhesive and glue it on about 2 inches at a time working your way across the headliner. like spray one line of glue down, than press the fabric down and work your way across. when it comes to holes dont cut them out but just make cuts in them and glue them to the back of the headliner. ill get pics when i do this and of my brothers in his dodge.

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