Fuel, Nitto, BFG, and Toyo Tire Test

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    My truck has had its fair share of tire and wheels combinations. Some only lasted a few weeks because I didn't like them or sold them to a friend that needed some.

    First tires- Nitto Trail Grapplers 285-65-18's. I installed these in the summer of '09 on my 1500. Average temperatures around here range from 90-112 in the summer which is what most of our two seasons consist of (summer and spring here). I put the tires on at 7,450 miles (yes I keep up with my stuff well). These tires rode fairly decent and had a decent amount of road noise. They balanced out very well with two of them requiring absolutely no weight while the other two only needed 1/2 oz. or so to balance perfect. No steering wheel shake or truck bounce at any speed, even at 115 (an officer we know was shot and I was in a rush to get to the hospital rest easy J.R.). I pulled loads quite often which included but not limited to: horses, tractors, fourwheelers, trucks, cars, pipe, steel, and stair cases, no uneven wear pattern due to heavy load on rear tires. At 31,58# I sold the tires which is now 2012 and they had 40% tread from what I started with. Craigslist buyer has gotten another 15k out of them on his '05 F-150 and still had 1/4" of tread.

    Second tire- BFG All Terrain- 285-65-18. Same truck, same wheels, same area as before. Installed at 31,900 miles(had to wait a week to come in). Tires balanced decent but took more than the Nitto. Slightly under sized compared to Nitto also. Minimal road noise at all speeds. Some wheel shake and some vibrations but checked balance and showed to be spot on. I put 2k miles on these tires pulling the same things but was in our cooler months and temperatures were around 80-90 degrees. At 600 miles the moldings(some people say ****) fell off even pulling loads. Tires were removed at 33k with very little wear as a BFG is expected to have. Buddy bought these and still has the miles racking up on them at 50k now. Still has about 45% tread left! Very little time ever pulling a load though.

    Third tire-Nitto Mud Grappler- 33-12.50-20. Same truck blah blah blah..yea. This tire...*nice words nice words...* uh it's crap. Rode like a log truck. Wore horribly. I went to Dallas from West Monroe to pick up a chassis (weighed maybe 800 lbs) and these about shook me out of the truck. Got to Shreveport (60 miles maybe) and the moldings were GONE. By Dallas the tires showed signs of wear already! Got back to W.M. and took them off that monday and rode stocks for two days. Good pure mud tire I guess as I likes to sling dirt everywhere. Friend bought these and they lasted another 28k before he needed new ones. They were wore bad. Also he needed tie rod ends and an alignment.

    Fourth tire- Nitto Terra Grappler- 275-70-18 I believe I've started to lose track. Installed at 33,800. Balanced well. Rode smooth. Tires made very little noise at highway speeds. At 300 miles they lost their moldings. Truck got the best gas mileage with these tires also. No wheel shake or body movement on the road. Rotated once and never showed signs of scalloping in their 6k life. Guy bought them and put on 3/4 Ton dodge. Has put 20k on them and has 40% tread left and pulls decent loads with them. But that's a heavy truck too.

    Fifth tire- Toyo M/T- 33-12.50-20. Good tire. Balanced well. Actually bought these used with 1800 miles on them. The outer tread still had some signs of the castings on them. Decent amount of road noise similar to the Trail Grapplers. Minimal wheel shake and very little body shake. Ran for 500 miles. Sold to friend. Put 15k on them and still had 70% tread when sold.

    Sixth tire- Nitto Trail Grappler 35-12.50-18. For a larger tire they balanced well. Were true to their measurement and seated on beads well. Some road noise as before. No wheel or body shake on these. This set was my favorite set out of all. Rotated once and they showed no signs of scalloping(yes I do know alignment has a lot to do but not every alignment is spot on while pulling or turning). Tread wore well across the tire. Pulled off to sell to a friend with 3k on them. Amazing condition and had very little wear. He has put 12k on them probably and has yet to rotate them...and does burn outs...and other junk. Rear tires are at 30% while fronts are around 40% and have scalloped due to no rotation.

    Seventh tire- Fuel Mud Gripper 35-12.50-18. For the price and the styling that copies the Toyo M/T the tire isn't that bad. I drove around town for a few days and thought they were alright. While rebalancing one took almost 12 oz. which to me is too much. It went on the rear for sure. Road noise is not too bad but the wheel and body shake was horrible. Talked to my cousins distributing warehouse and they got with Fuel. Fuel had been having issues with their tires not being true round. They had cases mess up also in the first batches they made. I had a hole punctured in that tire while driving to work and Fuel sent another. This corrected all wabble the truck previously had. I have now put about 4k on these tires and they are decent for what they are. I will not buy another set though as I will from now on go with a mild all terrain for my tire choices. I have rotated these once and they show no weird wear pattern yet. The size is slightly under a 35, with 40 psi they measure to a 34.5 and a 12.15 wide.

    If I remember any details I'll edit as needed but for now here is the best I have.

    Any questions please feel free to ask. I wanted to have an accurate detailed report on multiple tires so everyone on here could get a feel for what they are getting into when ordering tires. Hope this info helps someone in their search for their perfect tire!
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    Very nice write up....:great:
  3. Rocketmanh5

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    Thanks, not much to it but was hoping if someone who is caught between a few tires needed real life input then this might help.
  4. 2011laserblue

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    Awesome write up my man! You've definitely had your fair share of tires! I see you've got 4.10's, do you have the 6 speed or 4 speed? This summer I plan on doing a leveling kit on my 4"BDS lift so I can squeeze some 35's in there…with that I plan on going to a 4.10 with the 6 speed.

    As for tires I'm basically torn between the Toyo Open Country MT or Nitto Trail Grappler. I'm in love with how both of them look but if i were rating them I'd give the Nitto a slight + in the looks dept.

    Yesterday I thought I finally made a decision on the Toyo's but after reading this you've ruined it for me again and am now re-considering the Nittos. From what I have read about the Toyo's the diesel guys say they have gotten as much as 60K on them, but the average I see is anywhere from 45-55K miles.

    My one concern about an MT is that I make a 800 mile round trip from Michigan to Louisville KY (or vice versa) about 3 times a year..which is a looottt of highway for an MT. I'm just kind of in a tricky spot until I'm done with school because as of now most of my driving I guess would be considered hwy…but when I'm home in the summer I use the MT's as they're designed.

    I guess the safe thing to do would just be to go with an AT for now and just sell them in 2 years when I return home? Thoughts?
  5. Rocketmanh5

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    The Toyo is a great tire don't get me wrong. But for the price of the Nitto retail it's not a bad deal at all for the quality your getting out of the tire. As for the a/t m/t part, I have gone all over with all of my M/T's in our 110 degree weather here and have had no premature wear. Driving from Louisiana to North Carolina two times a year there and back I had no problems with extended wear. If you want an M/T get it. Don't get something to settle on, you'll hate settling. I settled on the Fuels now and hate it. I'm ready for another Toyo or Nitto ASAP. Get what you want and be done with it and happy. Although if you need an all terrain more so than a mud terrain get what you need and like. Also I have the 6-speed tranny. For a 4-speed do 4.56's and be done. Looking back I wish I would've gone higher but guess I'll have to redo that eventually..
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    How did the terra grapplers do in the mud for you?
  7. 2011laserblue

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    Well you've got me back to a steady mental state now, thanks lol. Back to the MT it is. I'm currently running the Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs and they've actually been a great tire. I would buy again but I'm looking for a change. Out of the Toyo MT and Nitto TG which one had the harder tread compound? I've read mixed reviews about the Nitto's tread life but after reading what you had to say about them it looks like I will be flipping a coin or something. Oh so you do have the 6 speed, great…I will probably go to 4.10's as well this summer -- I don't really see a reason for myself to go anything lower. What kind of RPM's are you currently seeing on the highway at…say…75 MPH and what kind of mileage are you getting?
  8. Rocketmanh5

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    The Toyo seemed a little harder compound when taking a durometer to them. I liked both of them equally though. So on me it's price vs looks between the two. At 68 mph I'm turning 1950 rpms best mpg is there and I get 16.3 on a more flat ground. This is in the winter months right now. At 75 it turns around 2100 rpms and gets around 14-15ish. All depends on terrain. Going east I found my best mileage on flat ground is right at 16.5.... but for a lifted truck on 35's thats the shape of a cardboard box I give it credit. Another thing I have a tune on the truck to help.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I never brought my truck in mud so to say since I used my atv for all of that. But on the makeshift road I had built that was sloppy red dirt it did well when I had to go down it a few times. Of course there was some sliding around but it did well. In our fields when it was sloppy wet I had no issue when the ground would break. They pulled well except for when I had the skid steer on the trailer then it just sunk. Going hunting on WMA's and pulling the boat out of the dirt ramps we had it did well. About all I really did with those in muddy terrain.
  9. 2011laserblue

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    Those are some pretty impressive numbers. I plan on doing some sort of tune to tie it all together. I've heard a lot of good things about the BlackBear tune…I'd like to get that but need to learn more. I've done some research on it already, I wish they'd make a trip up to Michigan.
  10. Rocketmanh5

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    Hit them up and get them to send you the scan cable or whatever it is and do it that way. So for certain your vehicle is tuned to exactly what it needs. Instead of a traditional tune that is done answering questions, you get the full tuning capabilities they offer. A tune really helped mine with the gears and all. But I'm thinking of going back leveled with mine on all terrains since I pull so much with it so I'm hoping for 17 or so again!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Alright to take my Grippers off I bought a set of Mud Grapplers.....maybe I'm an idiot and didn't learn from the first time but I needed those others gone.
    35-12.50-18 Mud Grapplers- First used set... guy said they had 20k miles on them...pretty worn for 20k but whatever I needed something so the others can be viewed to sell and don't get miles on them. In a 35 these are not quite as horrible as the 33's I once had before but maybe that's due to the fact that they are almost to and all terrain tread depth. LOUD LOUD LOUD. Even worn down these things howl like crazy at any speed. No wheel shake these actually are smooth at 70. Just loud... These are being anticipated to come off as soon as possible...hopefully the new Trail Grapplers will be here next week!

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