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  1. wulk025

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    So this last weekend I started the tear down on my 1996 K2500 Sub 7.4L lower intake. I got it tore down and reassembled with new gaskets, distributer, and fuel rail. Got it to fire right up and run just fine untill I took it out for the test drive. Now on this engine you need to have a tech2 to set the timming just right. When I got back to the house I shut it down and went inside to get ready to go out for dinner. Came out 1hr later and the engine would crank but not start. I checked everything and found that my fuel pressure was at 40psi. I changed out the fuel pump last year so that should be good. Now if i spray a shot of starting fluid in there it fires right up and will drive but with out the starting fluid it just wont start. What am I missing any HELP would be great.
  2. Pikey

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    what brand pump did you put in? is it still under warranty? Have you checked the fuel filter?
  3. wulk025

    wulk025 New Member

    Haven't looked at the fuel filter yet. I think that the pressuer regulator is bad so im going to tear down the intake one more time and replace that.But I will need to wait till tomorrow I just dropped it off at the stealership to get it timed.
  4. wulk025

    wulk025 New Member

    Sweet I got it fixed turned out to be the fuel pressure regulator. So if anyone out there is getting a code p1351 and you changed out you ignition control module check your fuel pressure regulator cuz that just might be the case.
  5. MrShorty

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    Since diagnosis can be most of the battle, how did you determine that the regulator was the cause of the low fuel pressure?
  6. wulk025

    wulk025 New Member

    I’ve been a Mechanic for the last 12 years and the Vortech engine from 1996 -1999 is one of the hardest motors to diagnose when it comes to this problem. I just went through the steps of what is related to this problem. Check fuel pressure, fuel pressure regulator,Check ignition control module, check crank sensor, cam sensor, ignition coil,and cap & rotor. As I have changed out everything else to do with this problem last year when doing an over haul on the ignition It only left me with one choice the fuel pressure regulator. Now when I pulled the fuel pressure regulator the bladder tested good so I checked the 2 O-rings and found that the small O-ring on the tip of the fuel pressure regulator to have been cracked to hell. That was giving me my low fuel pressure and causing the fuel pressure to drop off fast when the motor was shut off. Hope this helps

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