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  1. TriumphTigerCub

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    I have a 2001 Jimmy 125,000 miles - Replaced original Fuel pump, Spider ,and fuel filter. After 3 months of running great , the Fuel Pressure Regulator failed . Installed new one and it lasted about three days. Now I'm going on the fourth one . They only last a few days then the diaphragm ruptures.

    Has anyone had this trouble ? If so what was a solution ?

    I"m new to the forum ,so go easy on me:money:

  2. Are you buying some aftermarket part from autozone?
  3. MrShorty

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    Maybe it is a poor quality part and maybe not. This is not something I see frequently.

    Have you checked the rest of the fuel system? I would suspect that there might be some other condition (a clogged line or something) that is causing too much pressure at the regulator which is causing the regulator diaphragm to blow. Or perhaps a problem with installation.

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  5. TriumphTigerCub

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    Beast Yes part is from AutoZone (Sorenson) first failure was on the new replacement for the GM original That spider (the new style ) was from Sum. Rac. Lasted 91 days warranty 90 days my luck

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    Mr Shorty

    UP DATE : I just installed another new FPR I hooked up the lines and checked the pressure to see if the new one leaked. Everything looked OK . I relieved the pressure at the test gage . When I removed the fuel lines to begin putting the plenum on a little gas ran out of the large fuel line (this would be normal since the line in vertical and a little gas would be in it)
    When I removed the small fuel line it had pressure on it and squirted gas out .
    Is this normal ?
    Any help would be appreciated !!
    Best Regards !!
  6. MrShorty

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    IIRC, the large line is the fuel supply line (the one where the pressure gauge attaches) and the small line is the return line. I would normally expect little to no pressure in the return line, especially after the pump has shut off.
  7. TriumphTigerCub

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    MrShorty Last night I removed the 5/16 line (return) at the fuel tank and blew air through thru it . Feels like no obstruction. I guess at this point I'll have to put it together and see what happens in a few days. I'm really worried about doing that because the third failure I dodged a bullet . The diaphragm ruptured so badly I had a full stream of gas coming out the vent pipe of the FPR . It "Hydro Locked" number 5 cylinder . When I install the FPR I hook up a small tube to the FPR pipe to check for leaks at diaphragm vs the o ring and every thing has been OK on new part installations . Thanks Greatly Please advise if you have any thing else I can try .
  8. MrShorty

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    Is there pressure building up in the gas tank? Is the EVAP line/plumbing operating as it should?
  9. TriumphTigerCub

    TriumphTigerCub New Member

    MrShorty No build up of pressure in the tank and all plumbing looks ok I went to AZ this morning and they gave a store card for the cost of the Sorenson FPR. I just didn't want to put another one back in. . So I left and picked up a BW brand and just got it installed ,changed oil . The Jimmy runs fine. I may have trouble but I have to say the quality of the BW looks better than the Sorenson. I 've not had a leak around the seal but the BW seal looks so much better and some of it is brass. Will keep you posted Again thanks greatly for your interest in helping me.

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