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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Scott Alexander, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Tone

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    sounds like fuse or relay to me.. You really can't hear the pump run on mine.. when I first got the truck, the pump was going out, it whined REAL loud.. was horrible.. I replaced it, and it now is so quiet you can't hear it.. Got it from 1aauto.com for $98, so if you need one, it's cheap enough to buy a couple.. have a spare.. Anyway, make sure the relay is clicking, by having your buddy or wife/girlfriend, random homless guy, turn the key on while you are under the hood, fuse/relay box open, listening to the fuel pump relay. small grey lower center of box. Wouldn't hurt to swap it with another relay to see if it fires up. they are cheap. check the fuse too, make sure it's good.
  2. sstoner911

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    X2....well except the homeless guy....
  3. mthomas

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  4. Tone

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    fuel pump

    The entire assembly. Pump included. Here is the link to the part I got.. Great price compared to $231, which is the cheapest I found locally..
  5. Scott Alexander

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    cut factory pluf off to replace with new conector, tested gray and black which are for the pump hooked up test light had friend turn key no light. there is power to the fuel level guage just not the pump motor side
  6. MrShorty

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    If yours is wired like mine, I think the next good access point is the relay. Look at the relay to verify that the relay is closing.
  7. Scott Alexander

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    Well Still not haveing any luck, no power to the pump new rely and fuse is good does anyone have any more thoughs on this problem
  8. Backroads

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    Wiring diagram if relay and fuse checks out and no power to pump you have lost the circuit somewhere; either a broken wire, loose connector, or a corroded connection.
  9. Steban

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    Looks like now you have to follow the wiring from the pump towards the fuse box and find the broken connection. You should identify which wire is faulty. The power wire or the ground. Check your power wire to the chassis, check for 12v. You could also check continuity from your ground wire to chassisthis will help you identify which wire is giving you the problem. 9 times out of 10 its just a bad ground.
  10. Scott Alexander

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    chevy silverado 1500 4x4 5.3l fuel problem

    Okay here's an update we have power from relay but no power to relayto tell the relay to close and power pump was wondering what could cause this problem? could it be the ignition switch?

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