Fuel pump blows fuse

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Marcus A., Oct 13, 2013.

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    On 10/7/2013 my wife two daughters and I were on the way home from a camping trip up north PA. About an hour away from home and low on gas we pulled off highway in search of a gas station. A mile from the gas station the low fuel light came on, pulled into the station and the engine shut off as I drifted to the gas pump. The wife put 25 gallons in, I checked under the hood for simple fixes, bad battery connection, wire connections, easy stuff. Engine would not turn over. Guages worked ok untill turned the key. Started checking fuses. ECM fuse blown, replaced and turned over engine, started and ran bad. Determined after a few more checks the fuel pump went bad and blew the fuse. My best friend left work early and grabbed our other buddy and a tow dolly. Three hours later they got there. I was able to start engine long enough to pull away from trailer to let my friend hook up. We wondered what the capacity of the dolly was but decided we had no choice but to use it. After a few poor attempts to push my 6200lb Suburban on the dolly truckers started helping to push. As you can see we had too many helpers. With the engine off my wife could not hit the brakes hard enough to stop the Burb and ran over the dolly. I happen to have 2 bottle jacks and blocks of wood in the camper. Alternatly jacking and blocking we got the front up and slid 2x6s under the tires. I had 1 chance, Turned key on and put into low 4 wheel. Started engine and into reverse with about 5 seconds of run time i backed up onto the dolly. Everything was going great. About 8 miles from home something felt weird. Smoke from the dolly made us pull over and inspect. The inner dolly wheel bearing was gone. We decided to just finish the trip. By the time we got home there was nothing left of the wheel bearings on the left side. I took the next day off the drop the tank and put a $300 dollar pump in. Now I here that the cheaper aftermarket, mine, only last about a year. The ones the dealer carries are the expensive type, Bosh or Delphi. We'll see what happens. dolly tire.jpg
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    Sounds like one of those trips that makes ya happy to get everything home and in the driveway.
    Not sure if you run the fuel tank dry (or close to dry) often but newer vehicles dont like running low on fuel.
    Fuel is what cools the pump, and running low fuel levels regularly has been known to contribute to overheating pumps and early failure.

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