Fuel pump pressure sensor harness

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by earnest, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. earnest

    earnest New Member

    Hi Guys, I am new here. I have been cruising through peoples posts looking for answers. I was hoping somebody could help me. I have a 99 gmc sierra 1500 4wd. What i thought was the sending unit of the fuel pump that had gone bad turned out to be some critter had chewed through the wires of the fuel pump harness and the pressure sensor harness. I have the fuel pump harness but I can not find the pressure sensor harness( if that's what it is called). The fuel pump that I have is the Airtex E3500M model. Any help tracking down this part would be greatly appreciated.
  2. dsfloyd

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    You could try a junkyard/dismantler. Get the part number from the dealer then google search that part specifically. Check gmpartsclub.com (site vendor)
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  3. Pikey

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    if you are just talking about the plug or connector that goes to the fuel pump/sending unit, they are usually available at any parts store. If you want the entire harness then it is probably a dealer only part. As [MENTION=26043]dsfloyd[/MENTION] suggested I would check a junk yard or get the part number and start searching online.
  4. earnest

    earnest New Member

    Thanks guys for your reply so I found the part, it was the fuel tank pressure sensor lead connector. Had to get it from GM dealer. Hooked it up and the truck won't start now. It turns over but doesn't fire up. Which is weird to me because the truck ran fine and had no problems before. I turn the key to the on position and it shows that I have 3/4 tank. Wiring has to be correct if it now shows that( I assume). I changed the relay switch and the fuel filter. Any ideas?
  5. marksoldtowne

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    Fuel pump pressure sensor plays important role to measure manifold intake pressure,atmospheric pressure,vapour pressure in the fuel tank.Acc.to my view manifold absolute pressure sensor is best for sensing pressure & easy to use.it has silicon chip which is flexes when pressure changes.MAP sensor is directly located on manifold intake.Intake manifold pressure indicate quantity of fuel injected,time of ignition of cylinder & other function etc.

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