Fuel Pump Problems- Help please?

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by MyGreenZ, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. MyGreenZ

    MyGreenZ New Member

    I have a 1996 K1500. My buddy and I dropped my fuel tank last week to replace a brake line that had rusted thorugh which was on the framerail next to the tank. Had no problems, but when I went to put the tank back in, the fuel pump won't run. I've looked at wiring diagrams where it shows a gray, purple, and black w/ white wire. The black w/ white obviously grounds in the diagrams, but I have a fourth wire that runs from the fuel pump harness to the frame rail and grounds. I assume this is not OEM, because I had a fuel pump put in about a year and a half ago. The 3 main wires (purp, gry, blk w/wht) all run through a connector and run to the engine bay in the frame rail conduit. I have power at the purple wire and also a good ground on the frame rail. I really miss my truck and need to get it running. Any ideas? Parts for Chevy www.gmpartsclub.com
  2. Toymyster

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    That ground is OE, and it's how your fuel pump grounds!! Your fuel pump will not work with it disconnected!! connect that to the frame and see if she'll run!!
    Hope this helps
  3. MyGreenZ

    MyGreenZ New Member

    I do still have it connected to the frame and I made sure to check it to see if it was a good ground and it was. Thanks anyway. Any other ideas?
  4. unplugged

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    The fuel pump runs on a closed loop system and requires return pressure to operate. Are you trying to run the pump without the fuel lines connected?
  5. collinsperformance

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    you can hold the wire to the frame (clean unpainted metal and have someone turn the key and the pump should try and prime if all the connections are correct. if you migh have tugged the connections inside the tank and need to open and reconnect, but to verify this us a jumper battery or some long wires from the battery and goto the connector for the tank and see if it runs......i seen the connector that goes thur the tank go bad. if it is this part it is no longer avalable from chevy. i just soldered the wires and used heat shrink and then a rubber grommet and some silicon on both side of the plate and all been fine.....that was fixed 3 years ago..........mike

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