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  1. Chevygirl4x4

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    Hello everyone,
    It has just not been a good week for my poor truck lol..I have know for a few months now that my fuel pump was going bad in my 02 Chevy Silverado but I made the grave mistake of trying to wait to fix it. This morning the pump died on me. Besides dropping the fuel tank, does anyone know how difficult replacing the pump is?
    My next question, I googled 02 Chevy Silverado 5.3 4x4 fuel pump and found some that are very cheap. I am skeptical about buying one of these because I am not sure they are even the right pump for my truck. Does anyone know how reliable partsgeek or 1A Auto are? Thank you for any advice :)
  2. ChevyFan

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    How cheap is cheap?
  3. TRPLXL2

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    I know you are probably doing this yourself, but the easiest way to do the fuel pump is to take the bed off. I bought a fuel pump from 1A auto 2 years ago for $79.00, my firebird is still going strong! I don't spend an arse load of money on AC Delco stuff, but the cheap stuff works just fine. It just might not last as long as the big buck pumps $$$$
  4. j cat

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    I would use an ac delco or the Delphi pumps. do not use air tex fuel pumps as these are well known to be very bad.

    with your problem no start I would use a pressure gauge and make sure you have 53 psi or more .

    do not operate vehicle with less than 1/4 tank as this will kill the pumps.

    removal or should say moving the bed back 1 1/2 feet thenn tilting up to access the pump . when new installed you do not drop bed but test and make sure the new is good. then put back bed.
  5. Chevygirl4x4

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    So you have purchased from 1A Auto and did not have any problems with them?

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    So you're saying not to drop the tank but to lift up on the bed? I have a 3 inch lift and 35 inch tires so i'm worried it will be hard to lift it up high.

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    $131.00 is the cheap pump I found on 1A Auto.
  6. Pikey

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    only buy the AC delco or Delphi. Unless of course you feel like changing it again in a year.

    99'HEARTBEAT MODERATOR Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    Sorry, and with all due respect, this is one Part that you don't want to go with the Cheap One.......in some Cases staying with Factory/OEM Parts, is the Way To Go, and this is one of those Cases, I know its a Few more $$$....but in the long run, your going to Save Money,

    I'm guessing that your Fuel Pump was the Original 1 your Truck came with from Factory, which means that, the Fuel Pump Lasted.....14 Yrs and Most likely over 100K Miles before it went out.....also My Fuel Pump Just Went Out......I got 15yrs, and 180K Miles out of it, this speaks Volumes as to what New Fuel Pump I ordered......"A/C Delco"

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  8. Jamm3r

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    As others have pointed out you can lift the bed or you can drop the tank. I was able to postpone the repair until the fuel gauge read around 1/8 tank and was then able to support the tank with a floor jack and lower it with the help of an assistant and some blocking. Be careful and be sure you know the weight of the fuel in the tank if you go this route.

    You need a special tool to disconnect the fuel lines from the tank. They're cheap and parts places have them.

    I have replaced the pump in my 1997 K2500 twice because I put in cheap Chinese junk parts the first time. Never again. This is one of the few areas where I would use OEM parts. Either visit your Chevy stealership or a trustworthy local parts store. It's going to cost $$$$ but what can you do.

    Of course if you're getting ready to sell the truck to someone you don't like then use a Spectra pump or whatever else washes up on shore
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  9. thrasher

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    There is a 3rd option. I cut a hole in the bed, the entire job took me about 3 hours, most of which was consumed trying to get the retaining ring back onto the mounting tabs. I had to use about 37 flat screwdrivers to do it! If you know how to, solder the wires, NEVER use those snap clip things - you're sure to have problems down the road!! I made a panel out of 1/8 inch aluminum diamond plate to cover the hole. I bought an AC Delco pump off Ebay for $135.00, including shipping!! Good luck to you!!
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  10. McClintoc

    McClintoc ɹoʇɐɹǝpoɯ Staff Member 3 Years 1000 Posts

    Cutting a whole in the bed seems like adding more work than is needed. Besides, how did you cut the whole in the bed? A cutting torch? I hope not. Even with a saw, there had to be sparks. Flames and/or sparks are not something I would want near my fuel tank.

    Taking off the bed is the easiest option. Disconnect the fuel hose, disconnect the rear lights, take out six bolts and then two people can lift off the bed from the frame. Takes about ten minutes to take it off and another ten to put it back on. Cutting a hole is quite unnecessary.

    I replaced my fuel pump a couple of years ago by taking off the bed. The whole project took less than an hour and used a Delphi replacement. Buy cheap, buy twice.

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