Fuel supply line to throttle body issue

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    Hello again everybody. You guys have really helped me out in the past and I really appreciate it. I have a problem with the steel fuel supply lines that go into the injection unit. I replaced the intake gaskets yesterday on my 96 Burban. When I was pulling the intake(s) off, I bent the steel fuel lines up and out of the way to keep them from being damaged. Well, about 5 hours later, when I was wrapping up the job, I bent the lines back down to reinstall them. I can't seem to get one to go all the way down into the hole so i can install the retainer. These lines are very hard. It takes all my strength and then some to get them to go back in and hold them there while I put on the bracket. They are all bent out of shape now. Any suggestions? Here's a pic to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. Notice the steel lines going down into the throttle body- that's them!

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    You can get some extra slack if you undo the line clamps that secure them further back. Since you've bent them & bent them back again you may have some problems with alignment & sealing so check close for leaks when you fire it up.

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