Fuel tank slow fill

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by rule, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. rule

    rule New Member

    I think that my gas tank has a venting problem. The last time I filled up my tank, the fuel had a problem going in to the tank normally. I would have to let a little go in then start pumping again and then let that go in ... This is a problem that I have not had before. Has anyone else experienced this problem, or know a possible solution.

    The vehicle is a 2004 silverado 2500 4X4 6.0 gas longbed with around 100,000 miles

  2. DocEvil

    DocEvil New Member

    Slow Fill

    I have a 3500 with a long box, except diesel. It too fills very slowly. If I don't mind it while filling, the fuel comes puking out all over. Especially so once it's getting near topped up. If I don't stick the nozzle in all the way, it does fill pretty quick. But like I said, once it gets near the top...
  3. tlperry68

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    I have never heard of that. I also have the diesel and the long box and I haven't had any problems yet...

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