For Sale Fujita Cold Air (DRY) Intake System with Extry Cold Air Filter Brand New In Box.

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    Okay hopefully this works this time. Fujita Cold Air (DRY) Intake System with Extra Cold Air Filter Brand New In Box. Sorry I do not have a (HEAT SHIELD ) to go with this package. $150.00. The vehicles specs are on the pics. Willing to trade for a Jet Mass Air Flow, 16" wheels for my 03 Suburban or maybe a good subwoofer. I throwing in an extra cold air filter, a Fujita tote bag, and ball cap. I was going to give all of this to a friend but hey...friends change...loll. So it's on the block for your HP gain. I went 400 miles, (round trip) on one tank of gas with 1/4 tank left. So yes it's a mpg saver. If I mail it out throw in an extra $20.00 for mail, I'll cover additional mailing expense.

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    Hey All I founf this site of a guy creating his own heatshield. So here it is and pass on this good info...

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