Full Time DRLs - Instructions for UnderHood Mod for 02's and 03-06 and 07-12?

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    Here is the write ups on Full time DRL's for the GM full size trucks.. These write up's are for Avalanche's but Should work for other GM full size trucks..


    1. To play it safe, disconnect the Black Ground cable from the battery.

    2. Standing on the driver's side of the truck, Remove the black curved bracket that connects the fender to the body.

    3. Remove the Electrical Center Plastic housing. First the top, then look at the sides of the housing and find the tabs which hold it down. Angle the housing and unhook it from the tabs, and lift it off. This should reveal the naked fuse box which is the contents of the Electrical Center.

    4. On the fender side of the fuse box is a locking latch. Push this tab towards the fender and this should unlock the fuse box. Then unhook the tabs at either ends of the side facing the engine. The fuse box is now loose and ready to be turned over.

    5. There are different colored sections on the underside of the fuse box; we'll be operating in the green area. It is bolted into the box and it must be unscrewed. Loosen and remove the green connection block. Remove the two blue locking clips on both sides of the green block.

    6. On the far right row, there are several wires, locate the double royal blue wire. Remove this wire from its current position and drop it down one (1) hole. Now the right side should have a double green wire at the top, followed by a single red, a single blue, a double purple, then the space just vacated and the newly relocated double blue wires.

    7. Relock the green block using the blue locks. Screw in the green block back into the fuse box.

    8. Test to see if the mod works. Reattach the Black Ground cable to the battery, and turn the key to the on position. (You don't have to start the truck. The DRLs should come on when the truck is in Park.

    9. When everything works as you like it, lock in the fuse box, replace the cover and the top. Reattach the black curved bracket.

    10. Sit back and enjoy the sense of accomplishment.




    07-10's I think.. Sorry for all the links.. Lots of info..

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