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  1. GoFastSam

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    Hi! If no one has seen my intro post yet, I am 19 years old from Long Island NY....the name is Sam.

    I really love the old Suburbans, and I am collecting the money to buy one, but there are many things unfortunately that are making it harder for me to reach my dream. You'll come across that later in this post...

    I know about their towing abilities, as I own a 1984 Chris Craft 23ft Scorpion.....that will tow just fine! They look nice and comfortable, and able to fit plenty of friends and gear. I have seen many websites that offer moderately priced parts for them, shall I need to do any work. I also am pretty comfortable with bodywork, as I took a class on that. Overall, they seem to be real strong trucks that you can depend on, despite their fuel economy......given the gas prices nowadays! But that's not what I am too worried about. As of now, the only concern is safety...thanks to my parents, who are really trying to change my mind into getting something newer that has a few good safety features.
    I know these old Suburbans don't have any ABS or air bags for the driver, but I really hoped there was some way, any way possible to have it done? I'm pretty positive the braking system can be modified? If not ABS, then at least some other system that can really make the truck stop in case I need to stop quick. Air bags, I am more concerned about also. For air bags to go off, I believe a car has special sensors that blow out the air bag once a certain amount of force is brought upon the car, correct? That would be hard to do, seems nearly impossible! If not, do they make ANY sort of system that can go into the steering wheel (or a new steering unit with an airbag)?

    Thanks for reading this! Hope to meet some old Suburban owners!!
  2. PantheraUncia

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    Welcome to the club,

    I am not an expert on the safety air bags but installing airbags is going to be really complicated in any vehicle that does not come with them installed. Its not only the air bags, but the sensors, computer, etc, that controls when the sensors get an impact, that they go off. I am sure some other people here would be more familiar with air bag installation, but you might be better buying a newer suburban with air bags because the it will cost you more to do the upgrade than to buy the newer one.
  3. GoFastSam

    GoFastSam New Member

    Now that i think about it, I don't think there are too many places/companies that do that type of installation.
    If I DO end up buying the older one, I will just go with installing better braking system and fixing it up cosmetically. At least it has seat belts! :)

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