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    Hello all, Just thought I would share my experience. I opened up my inline magnefine filter after running it for the last 9 months and 15,000 miles to see what it picked up....I was surprised how much material was on the magnet.. The filter was pretty dirty too...probably won't make a lick of difference the way my luck goes as far as keeping the tranny alive longer but figured I would share with you guys anyways just as an FYI

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    The older guys would say that your not supposed to flush the fluid out of a high milage trans because the crap suspended in the fluid helps give the clutches more friction and when you flush it the clutches start to lose the little material they have left.

    Now what i think anf generally stick to is if they kept up with fluid changes its ok to flush but if they have never changed or only once or twice to just change the filter and add the 3-4 quarts lost then. I have seen it many times that older cars after a flush the trans starts slipping a few months after so that arguement may have some weight to it but I don't know. On a newer truck
    like yours its prob better to run that magnet as long as it gets changed when it loads up.

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