G.T.A. Swelters As Heat Wave Continues

Discussion in 'North America - Canada' started by Cableguy, Jun 26, 2007.

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    <DT target="_blank">It's a number that's stunning no matter what's being used to measure it. Temperatures in Toronto hit a high of 34C at 3pm on Tuesday - that's 94 on the old Fahrenheit scale. But that didn't factor in the humidex and discomfort levels, which topped out at a sweaty 41 - or just about 105 if you're old school. It was even worse in Mississauga, where the mercury reached 36C. That's weather health experts describe as 'dangerous', and it's going to stay on full broil late into Wednesday.
    <DT target="_blank">An extreme heat alert was called for Toronto and several other GTA cities in the morning, with officials asking that you check in on the most vulnerable, like the elderly or those with breathing problems. But you don't have to be in any of those groups to feel it. Calls to paramedics soared with the temperatures on Tuesday, increasing 12 percent. "I don't know if people completely realize how tough it can be on your body going in and out from heat, very hot to very cold and you just sweat so much but you don't realize it," relates paramedic Connie McClemens.
    <DT target="_blank">Cooling centres have been opened to allow the homeless and those without air conditioning a place to get out of the heat. And even institutions that aren't run by the city joined in the A.C. relief parade. Centennial College will keep its doors opened - and closed - all summer to help the cause.
    <DT target="_blank">You're also being warned about the pollution, with a smog advisory staying in place - along with the dirty air over a large part of the province. Oshawa fared the worst locally during the day, with an unbreathable 66 reading. Toronto hit 56, six points above the level considered in the poor range.(Check your area's air quality here.) And a humidex advisory was added to the list, as the thermometer soars to heights that are unusual even for a sometimes steamy Toronto summer. The city didn't beat the all time record of 36.1C set back in 1949, but you could see it from here, if you peered through the haze. It should be closer to about 25C at this time of year.
    And while there's always a chance of rain in these sticky conditions, the real storm and the big break from it all is expected to come Wednesday night, when a cold front could bring heavy downpours and potentially severe weather to the city, ultimately leaving us with cleaner air and more comfortable readings of about 25C.
    If there's any consolation in all this, it's that the prediction for a near record low during the Canada Day long weekend has changed. Forecasters had been guessing we would sink down to 7C by early Monday. They've now revised that estimate, and believe the holiday will be mostly sunny, with pleasant highs around 21 or 22C, and good sleeping weather near 13C overnight.
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    Wow, it's rainy and was about 80F in Dallas. The jet stream is all screwy.
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    Ya thats not weird or anything is it? 80 in Texas and 105 in Canada. Did the earth tilt while I was napping one time?
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    it's currently 75 and showers here, has been in upper 90's past few days
    must be all the hot air from all these politicians shooting their mouths off

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