G80 Locking Diff. and Stabilitrak Question

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  1. atxhookem

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    So Folks, how does anyone with the G80 likie it? I hope to go to the beach to do some fishing and well, but just curious about the sand and off road. I suspect I should not have any problems, just wanted to hear from other folks expierences. Also, do most turn off the Stabliltrak or leave it on?
  2. SurrealOne

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    Here's a video on how the Eaton G80 works. I hope you find it insightful. (I -love- my G80 locker...):
    Eaton Locking Differential Demonstration - YouTube

    Also, here's one on precisely what stabilitrak does, as well:

    My vehicle is an 04, so no Stabilitrak for me, but I can tell you that if I had it I'd leave it on in most 'normal' conditions (dry, wet, etc). Now for snow, ice, mud, and other 'unusual' (for my location) conditions that might, by their very nature, cause the vehicle to be all over the place -- I'd disable it. If I lived in some place where those so-called 'unusual' conditions were normal -- I'd likely pull the fuse to Stabilitrak and permanently disable it, as computer is no substitute for decent driver awareness and skill in such conditions.
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    Driving on the Beach

    I been driving on the beach for a long time with my 2002 Silverado Ext 4X4 at Delaware Seashore State Park near Indian River Inlet Bridge. All you need to do is let the air in tires down to about 20 psi most of the time, drive slow and make wide turns and no fast stops or fast starts.. I also have for years gone down to the Outer Banks N.C. on Vacation and on the beach also. Sand condition can very from day to day. There has been a few times I have let the air down to a low of 14 PSI if the sand is very soft. I always carry a few boards, bottle jack, tow strap and a shovel "you know" just to help out the Dodge and Ford guys.
    Now I have 2011 Silverado Ext 4X4 Z71 with Stabilitrak, it does just a well as my old 02 Truck. When your in Super Low the computer turns off the Stabilitrak. The A/T tires that came on the truck are doing job, but a street tread (smoother tire) is more Ideal for the sand.
    Have Fun
  4. Burden33

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    wait a sec there is a fuse i can pull to permantley turn off my stabletrak
  5. SurrealOne

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    According to the thread at this URL there's a variety of ways you can disable the system permanently:

    I noted three methods in the thread, one of which was the ABS fuse. As I don't have a vehicle with Stabilitrak I can't confirm...

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