G80 LS, or Locking?

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by spazzoid13, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. spazzoid13

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    Hey, ill try to keep this question short and simple..
    I knoticed with my RPO codes that i have g80 on my truck.
    now, according to the RPO codes GM has, it says its a limited slip diff.
    alright, thats fine
    but i have watched a few videos of Eaton locking diffs, that says there G80..but in the video, it says there NOT limited slip..
    so if these locking/limited slips are different, how can they both be G80?

    maybe im missing something, and if i am, please let me know, but i guess i dont understand which one i have then..i can only assume limited slip, but then why would they call the eaton g80 locking, when i thought g80 code to be limited..?

    i r nub
  2. tlperry68

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    The G80 is an electronic locking diff. Only when one wheel is spinning about 100 to 200 rpm more than the other it will engage lock mode. So it is only a locker at some times. It will click out of lock mode at 20 MPH regardless of wheel spin difference.

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