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  1. Slick6

    Slick6 Member ROTM Winner

    aight! lets get a shout out from all the members livin in georgia! tell where u live n how long u been there cuz everyone knows georgia boys do it big!lol

    Dallas, Georgia

    Paulding County son!

    ALL MY LIFE!lol
  2. CJlambertz71

    CJlambertz71 Member

    gwinnett county georgia lived here for 13 years
  3. jml1022

    jml1022 New Member


    anybody know anything about removing the cats on a 2002 5.3 chevy? just with problems and stuff i have true duals with straight pipes but im looking to get 2 super 44s and get rid of the cats...what do yall say?
  4. 07 redrado

    07 redrado Rockstar

    location-forsyth county, Cumming. time- long enough to call it home. any of yall my way like to get their pretty chevys muddy, i didnt buy a 4x4 to look pretty
  5. unknown19

    unknown19 Rockstar

    Location- Rockmart, GA.. All my life which is 23 years
  6. gearhead952

    gearhead952 New Member

    Atlanta,50 years,03 sierra 6.0,Love this truck!
  7. bzboardco

    bzboardco Rockstar 100 Posts

    Valdosta Ga --25 years!
  8. Confederate_Jay

    Confederate_Jay New Member

    Liberty County, Hinesville Georgia

    Southeastern part of the state... right next to Ft Stewart
  9. dustin88

    dustin88 New Member

    Kennesaw Ga
  10. southernlunatic17

    southernlunatic17 New Member

    05 sliverado

    hey names Allen. i live in Camden Co. Ga and i drive a 2005 chevy silverado and a 2005 chevy trailblazer. i have a 79 chevy nova hobby stock dirt car.

    i also have a problem with my trailblazer. Has anyone else had trouble with the A/C control head? Mine will not shift from defrost to vent sometimes without shutting the vehicle off. This will be the third time it has been in the shop for a AC problem. Also, the power steering pump is whining like its going out? Has anyone seen this before?
    wow it was crazy come to find out the lower idler pulley was freezing up...... damn i hate new junk.
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