Discussion in 'GA - Georgia Boys Chevy Truck Club' started by Slick6, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. lilt1986

    lilt1986 New Member

    Savannah,Ga all my life

    i drive an 06 Silverado 2 toned with 22's
    have the hypertech reprogrammer
    indash pioneer tv, 4 12 inch subs

    looking into getting an SS front bumper and a roll pan if anyone knows a good place to order from
    also looking into gettin a HID headlights and tail lights
  2. 91bigblue

    91bigblue New Member

    St. Marys, Camden County (5A state champs!!!) 21 years

    Drive a 1991 Suburban, all stock and original!!
  3. goodolboy

    goodolboy New Member

    North Georgia, GA. I've lived here all my life. Good Ol Boy. lol
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  4. brandon_z71

    brandon_z71 New Member

    Guyton, GA. used to live in Savannah. Guyton is about 45 minutes towards nowhere from this guy.

    drive an 02 silverado z71.
  5. davesmyrnaga

    davesmyrnaga New Member

    Right here in Atl

    I lived in smyrna for about 20 yrs. Had to move back to house I grew up in, still renovating it. Not much of a real estate mkt around here anymore.

  6. OhDeuce

    OhDeuce New Member

    Albany. Been here 2yrs so far. Got a 03 Suburban last year.
  7. Tunnelmotor99

    Tunnelmotor99 Rockstar

    Lived in GA since '82, lived in Lilburn, Snellville, Fayetteville and now Loganville.
  8. southernlunatic17

    southernlunatic17 New Member

    other than setting an engine light i have not seen any other problems. i am about ready to put headers and true duals on my 05 so if u find out anything else let me know.
  9. Superado

    Superado Member

    raised in Albany, GA...
    been in Dallas, GA for about 5 years
  10. GASouthernZ71

    GASouthernZ71 New Member

    Livin in Statesboro, pickin up a '03 Z71 Tahoe here in the next couple of weeks. Good seein some southern GA guys here

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