gainfully employed! can't wait to move to the WA!

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by 383man, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. 383man

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    For those of you who remember my post a while back about how i'll be moving to washington state soon as i'm getting out of the navy, I got a job! No more need for my plan to collect unemployment, grow a zztop beard and collect cans for a living i suppose lol. anywho, i got a job working in chehalis, wa at the power plant as a tech. so if your in that area, and know of any good hunting, fishing, camping, four wheeling, off roading places to go, let me know, i'm new to the area.
  2. ChevyFan

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    That's a great place to be. You're in a small community, but you can be in Olympia in 30 minutes and Tacoma in an hour (barring traffic). You can get to downtown Seattle for an event in maybe 1:45 to 2 hours or go the other way to Portland in a little bit less time than that.

    Congrats on your new life, new job and potentially new facial hair. :party:
  3. dwill3015

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  4. Davandy

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    Congrats with the new job :great:
  5. 95CTburb19

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    congratulations on the new job! I'd still grow the beard if I were you.
  6. retired2001

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    Congrat's on the new job. I'm sure that takes a load off of you. Have fun!
  7. 383man

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    lol, you know, i probably will, i'll probably keep it trimmed down a little more though to prevent bird nesting and accidental dread locks. thanks for all the comments guys, i can't wait to get on the other side of the country, it's hard being so far away from your family ya know, my new nephew is 6 months old and I still haven't been able to meet him yet. soon though hah.
  8. tbplus10

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    Congrats on the job. The next few months of transition from Navy to Civilian will be hard but at least you got the hardest part of finding a job over with.

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