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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by LisaO925, May 6, 2009.

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    I filled up my 96 2wd Sierra on Saturday. Monday, I went to take kids to school, and noticed that the needle was pointing south, like to 6 on a clock. My driveway has a small slope to it, nothing major, and it was pulled into the driveway with the back end lower. As I drove the kids to school, the needle was all over the place. It went down when I accelerated, and back up when I slowed or stopped. I went all the the way to E back past F. Today, its a 3/4 full, and isnt moving at all? I am not trusting this darn thing in any I mentioned it to the ol man who said something was lose and floating around in the tank, (he told me and I forgot what its called, and refuse to say floaty thingie). Which made sense, but if that is the case, why isnt it still erratic? It almost fixed itself, or now its just stuck, not sure which? Do I fill it up and see what it does again, or take it to E and let a mechanic look at it?
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    The floater on the fuel pump might of got a lil uncalibrated. Do you use your trip meter when you get gas? I would just fill it up, set the trip meter, so when you hit lets say 350 miles or so, you know you're about empty. Opposed to spending money for them to take out the fuel pump just to look at the "floating thingie" haha
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    Might be the gauge it self (instrument cluster)

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    My Suburban's gas guage floats a good bit as well. Nothing like the 6 o'clock position though. Mine is usaually off 1/4 of a tank in either direction. I just fill it up at 1/4 tank just to be safe.
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    I know that if the gauge is shot you have to get a whole new cluster, no way around, about 350 at the dealership. Yes, they are the only ones that can do it, as they have to have the odometer set at the factory before it is shipped. I would just watch your trip odometer and calculate how far you can go and see what the needle does for a while, as the tank empties and then gets refilled. You can however drop the tank on a suburban very easily and change everything in the driveway or garage.
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    Ground on sending unit is probably rotted off

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