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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by nickpatton_189, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. nickpatton_189

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    right now im getttin bout 14.5 mpg. is that normal? anyone else gettin that? i do have a heavy foot tho. but my mpg has actually increased from 11.0 just by airing up my tires from about 35 psi to the reccomended 45. anyone kno of some simple tricks and maybe a few additives or something other than a programmer to help out with the mpg.
  2. bvogts25

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  3. 2ToNe04

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    thats normal for a 5.3
  4. bvogts25

    bvogts25 Rockstar 100 Posts

    oh and i have a 07 nnbs with the 5.3 and i usually get 16.5 mpg. i usually try and coast as much as i can and accelerate slow. i do this so when im in the mood to step on it i know ive tried to salvage the mileage the best i can.
  5. dsrtne1

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    haha i get 11.5 when i'm being efficient. Just accelerate slower
  6. Henchman

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    Heavy foot will do it. I went on a trip to Texas this year from Missouri and I can say that I got reasonably good gas mileage. We usually take my wife's 06 Impala which gets about 29 to 30 miles a gallon. I wanted to see what my truck could get on a long trip. I averaged about 20 - 21 miles a gallon. But the way we went, through Oklahoma, it was fairly flat so crusie control was set and the way we went. Otherwise, according to my information center, since the life of my truck I'm averaging a little above 15 miles a gallon. That's taking the miles on my truck and dividing them by the gallons I have burned. It's not totally accurate as I pull a 29 foot camper a few time which I only got 9 when I did that. This is the price we pay for a V8! I posted a thread about this in the Fuela and Performance topic so we could all get an idea of how everyone's fuel performance is doing...mainly for everyone that has an information center because it's easier to track.
  7. s5belford

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    I normally get about that, sometimes a little better, but I do a lot of city driving and its hard not to get mad and step on the gas more often than not.
  8. 1998 surburban

    I get 21 mpg on the interstate sometimes better
  9. Custom04Chevy

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    I get about 22 on the highway on average. This is exactly why I opted for the small v8. :happy: I just couldn't bring myself to buy a silverado with a v6. just couldn't do it...

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