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    I looked through these forums and was surprised not to find a bunch of threads on mileage, especially with gas prices as they are ($3.35 is average around here for 87)...

    I'm curious to know what other TB owners get. I've got a stock 2003 LS 4.2L with 4WD and just under 70k miles. It's been well maintained, runs well and has only had a couple of issues. I'm averaging around 15 mpg city and 19 hwy (if I'm lucky). I'm not a total leadfoot and rarely floor it. Most of the time is cruising. My daily commute is relatively flat and I don't run the AC very often.

    I noticed some posts that refer to 20+ mpg. I'd like to know how that's possible.
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    My 2003 TB floats around 15 to 20mpg, I don't commute in it so myself. Overall I'm pretty happy with it. I had a Pontiac Vibe before TB and it was dirt cheap to drive.
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    Just curious where you live/drive? I presume the California side of the country, but I could be wrong.
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    TB Mileage

    I often wonder why people buy a truck and then wine about the mileage. What you are getting for mileage sounds about right to me, but then I don’t own a Trail Blazer.

    You want to know how to maximize your gas mileage?

    You are not a total lead foot makes me think that you do at times get on it,


    Drive it like you have a rotten egg on the gas pedal, and I mean one that has been sitting outside in the Calyfornia heat for about a week.

    You can’t expect maxamum mileage if you sometimes get on it. I know sometimes in order to merge on the highway it is absolutely necessary and can understand it. But then your mileage is going to show that.
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