Gas or Diesel? Help this will be my first truck and I dont know.

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Armyboy, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. Armyboy

    Armyboy New Member

    All right, I know about how the motors work but the real question is gas or diesel. Im going to be moving to barstow california for my next duty station and im wanting to get a truck but I dont know if i should get a gas or diesel truck. In all honesty i want good MPG and something that has power but isnt guna kill me to fix if something breaks. The truck is guna be driven alot from california to arizona maybe once every 3-4 months and the rest of the time in cali. all it will be hauling is a dirtbike tools and other stuff. Can you guys give me some answers??
  2. stchman

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    If you want diesel, you have to go 2500 or 3500. The upgrade to a diesel will run you $7200 for the engine and IIRC $1600 for the Allison transmission. In that size truck, the Duramax will get superior mileage, but at a serious price increase.

    With that combination, you will have one bad @$$ truck for pulling. You getting a 3500 with DRW?
  3. SouthEastBeast

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    Can't give you answers but can offer observations! I owned a 2007 Silverado Crew Cab 2500HD with the 6.6 Turbo Diesel. And now I own a 2011 Silverado Crew Cab with the 5.3 and what I remember most about the HD- was pure power. Good gas mileage at 17 -18 around town and over 20 for highway trips. BUT on the downside it was terrible to be paying so much extra at the pump for the increased mpg. It always seemed like it was a "wash".... but man the power. The 5.3 was immediately and very noticeably disappointing after a few years of driving the HD. It first felt like I was stomping on the pedal of a 4 cylinder Honda after the Diesel. AND THEN, I lifted it and put on 35s so now it’s just a cruising ride, I’d never be foolish enough to line it up against anyone. Do with this info what you will, in the end, it’s your truck!
  4. Armyboy

    Armyboy New Member

    Ok Sounds good Its just so hard to find any decent priced 6.6 turbo diesels online cause the year im wanting is the late 03 to 06 model just like the looks of it better and plus price range is always the issue cause right now im trying to find one for under 15k but i dont think i will be able too.
  5. incabird

    incabird New Member

    I just recently purchased a 2013 2500HD 4x4 crewcab with the 6.0 gas engine. I traded in a 2006 Dodge Cummins 6spd manual 2WD quad cab dually on it. I did not put many miles on it in over 6 years, only 19k. It was a great tow vehicle but the maintenance is higher on it then a gas version. It started to have signs of injector issues. I priced them and to have them replaced would be in the neighborhood of $5k. From what I found out researching, it appears that the newer style injection systems on the diesels are not as kind on the injectors and will need more frequent servicing. Plus the fuel cost over gas even with the slightly better fuel economy was basically a wash. I have a 24' toyhauler and I feel the 6.0 should tow it fine. I don't tow anything heavy enough to warrant the diesel. I just could not justify the extra upfront cost for another new one.
  6. SurrealOne

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    Well, if you didn't regear it after putting those tires on it then OF COURSE it's a dog, now. (My 5.3 has plenty of low-end grunt ... thanks to a regear to 4.56 Nitro gears.) I only mention this so that @Armyboy doesn't mistake your lack of low-end grunt in the 5.3 for an engine limitation when it was probably a gearing issue that was later exacerbated by the addition of big tires. Gassers equipped with 3.23 or 3.42 gears for fuel econ are entirely too common. And buyers just expect them to have short gears without asking or paying attention... and later wonder why they have no get-up-and-go. Because their gears are optimized for unladen highway driving, that's why! With 3.73 or 4.10 gears on stock tires, the 5.3's got plenty of grunt for many jobs ... but of course it doesn't develop as much power as its larger diesel cousins. However, one must still regear if adding substantially bigger tires ... or one loses what grunt the 5.3 has in it when combined with one of those ratios.

    As for diesel versus gas, IMHO unladen fuel mileage is only a good reason to go diesel if you're putting LOTS of miles on the truck, because diesel trucks cost more to buy, cost more to maintain, cost more to fix when (not if) something goes wrong, and diesel fuel costs more at the pump.

    The real driver to consider a diesel is, IMHO, the intended application. Doing lots of heavy towing? Go diesel. Doing lots of heavy hauling? Go diesel. Driving a crap-ton of miles regularly with small to medium loads? Go diesel. Not doing much of any of that or the truck sits in the driveway a lot or is just a commuter? Go gasser. Do you change vehicles every 3-5 years and you don't do much of that stuff? Definitely go gasser...

    The towing/hauling scearios are the ones where diesels trump gassers pretty much every time. If you drive a lot of miles regularly AND you plan to keep the truck for 10-20 years, then diesel also begins to look interesting ... but it really takes a long time to get your return on investment out of a diesel unless you're towing/hauling. Why? Well, if you're not doing those things you can get a gasser cheaper than a diesel and it'll be cheaper to fill at the pump as well as cheaper to maintain ... and the money you save will buy you a lot of gas. Also, if you're financing the truck, the lower initial cost of the truck, itself, will mean less interest paid on it across the life of the loan.

    Hopefully that's some new food for thought in your equation. Pick what suits you!
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  7. Armyboy

    Armyboy New Member

    Thanks for the input SurrealOne i think i might as well go with the Gas engine even tho the diesel is tempting because of the power and the turbo of the truck. I know that the diesel will cost more to maintain but in all honesty is it a better truck tho all I will be towing is a dirtbike and my usual load of friends or stuff i own I do want gas milage but i dont want to have lack of power with the v6 cause im going to end up getting the 4x4 no matter what. Im guna end up buying from a owner not a dealer cause i know i will not be able to afford a new truck. Do you guys know any good sites to find them on besides craigslist?
  8. clinton_hedrick

    clinton_hedrick New Member

    Yeah it sounds like for your use, a gas would be the cheaper decision. Unless you will be hauling large loads, there aren't many (practical) reasons for getting a diesel. My dad got a new duramax, and even though it is a 3500, at hauls a** and gets the same mpg as my half ton. But then again, it was 40 grand with hardly no options at all. If you want to work on a modern diesel yourself when something goes wrong, you can almost forget it unless you are a professional. But, he needs the ability to haul 22,000 pounds (and it easily does)
    If you aren't hauling anything big, go for a gas
  9. WorthFlorida

    WorthFlorida Rockstar 4 Years 100 Posts

    I just bought a new 2012 1500 with the tow package, 5.3 gas (315hp, 335 lbs torque). After 1600 miles I'm averaging 14 local and the best on the HWY is 17+. The computer on board is about 1 mpg less than actual. It is rated at 22 mpg hwy and the on board active display will read 22 at times but moving 5000lbs with 20" wheels is work but there is no lack of power. I recently hauled a 2400 lb pallet of sod, only 5 miles, but there was no lack of power.

    Go gas but to find a 4x4 you may only find v8's.

    Use where you can search the whole country to get an asking price range or you'll find more trucks but a lot of onwers will price at dealer prices.

    It's all in the negotiation.
  10. redvett

    redvett Rockstar 100 Posts

    If you do not TOW 35000 miles a year a Diesel is not cost effective. RV magazines report this.

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