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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by anthonyl9, Jun 26, 2009.

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    I created a spreadsheet to track my gas mileage, and want to share it with you all if you want it. It calcs avg MPG, Cost per mile,Mileage on a fillup, Historical avg cost per mile, cost per day, Oil change intervals, and oil change costs. Some other items are High Gas cost date, and High MPG dates, totla fuel cost by year...

    Its a work in progress, but it does more than the basics

    let me know who wants a copy.
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    Yeah that sounds like a fun idea, I don't think I would do one but I would like to see one for your truck. It's a 5 cylinder right, or id it the 4 cylinder?
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    Hello, I'm using Jet DS Tuner, ScanXL and EEC Analyzer for data acquisition and programming
    I am always interested in looking at something new, can you e-mail me some picks

    Does the software pull data or is it manually inputed.

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    I'd also like to check it out, thanks! []
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    I just got a chance to check it out, and I got a flash back to Chemistry in high school with all of the graphs and charts we had to do. That is a very cool idea, and I think that could be a very accurate way to keep track of mpg's gained from upgrades to your truck. Thanks for e-mailing it to me,......................AMY:happy:
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    I believe this is just a simple spreadsheet - you open it on your computer and enter in your information as far as mileage, gas price you paid, how much you filled up at and he has it to calculate your mpg, cost of gas per gallon, etc.

    Anthony have you thought about putting your spreadsheet up on Googledocs? Might be a good/easy way to share. Next time you are email, shoot a copy my way if you could. Thanks!

    Check PM!

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