Gas vent modual?

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  1. woodennose

    woodennose New Member

    Had my Tahoe scaned at advanced auto and they said something about a gas vent modual. Is there such a thing? If so is this going to be a high dollar repair? 06 Tahoe 5.3. Thanks!
  2. AA1PR

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    I have an '04 Yukon & sort of remember some kind of vent built into the gas tank, kind of think it was molded in

    maybe a service manual would help, sorry I can not offer any more assistance
  3. wayned

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    fuel tank evaporator control solenoid po449
    for my nnbs silverado part#19207763 $98 shipped
    gmpartsdirect its on the back of the gas tank (on Mine)
    see if yours looks the same
    its a updated part for older trucks you need to get some 5/8 heater hose to go to the remote filter


    Check Engine Light Diag EVAP Codes - YouTube
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  4. woodennose

    woodennose New Member

    Took the tahoe into dealer today. They told me there was a puddle of gas under it where it was parked. Funny thing is there was never anything in my driveway! gave me a price over 1000$ Gave me 2 codes P0445 and p0449 does anyone know what these are. he also said somthing abought emisions vent valve. Thanks!
  5. wayned

    wayned Rockstar 100 Posts

  6. woodennose

    woodennose New Member

    Wow Great info thanks a lot. I do need to apologize to my local Chevy dealer. I thought they were trying to rip me off when they told me there was a puddle of gas under my truck. I never noticed a leak until I backed it up on my ramps then gas that was sitting on top of the tank poured off the top. Seams one of the tubes coming out the top of the pump has a small hole rusted through. Now im in the process of puting in a new pump. I, wondering if po445, and po449 codes could be from that or if my vent valve is bad also?

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