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  1. 08bowtie

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    Any truth to putting premium in the tank to gain a a :happy: little extra zip????? Or not worth the extra $$$$ for unleaded.:great:
  2. retired2001

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    Every time I've tried it, it didn't make any difference. If the engine is designed for "reg.", that is what it is tuned for. Some of the "tuners" on the site should be able to tell you if they can tune it for premium. Good luck!
  3. tattooed4life

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    If I have my tuner set for the high performance tune and I don't use premium it spark knocks something terrible. Also I have found that I can use Shell mid grade and it will not spark knock either. I usually pay the few cents extra just for the insurance---never know when you'll need to light someone up!!!
  4. silveradotrailblazer

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    If your truck was designed for 87 and your not using a tuner, than putting premium in is a waste. Do use a good quality 87 octane fuel not some fuel from a discount station.
  5. EvilNetwork

    EvilNetwork Rockstar

    If your here in the mountains you use 85 ;)
  6. MrShorty

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    My short answer is essentially what silveradotrailblazer said: unless you've modified the engine to need higher octane fuel, there's no advantage to using higher octane fuel.

    Octane number is not a measure of "energy" in gasoline. Octane number is merely a measure of how well gasoline resists "knocking" or "pinging." Pre-detonation can ruin an engine. GM's engineers decided that most people will buy the cheapest gas they can get (87 octane), so they designed the engine (timing curve, compression ratio, etc.) to not ping on 87 octane gas. (85 octane is used at higher altitude because the lower air density at higher elevation reduces the tendency to ping, and a lower octane can be used with the stock tune).

    Someone like tattooed4life comes along and says, "I want better performance." A tuner says, "I can make the timing curve in your computer more 'aggressive/advanced' which will give you better performance. The more aggressive timing curve will also increase the tendency to predetonate. You will then need to buy the more expensive, higher octane gas to counter the increased tendency to ping." Someone like tattooed4life decides that performance is more important than cheap gas, so he accepts the tuners proposed modification.
  7. 08bowtie

    08bowtie Rockstar 100 Posts

    ok 10-4 will only use 87 :happy::lol:
  8. hello

    even with 93 octane my engine is pinging obviously with 87 it's a complete rattle

    its very light with the 93 but you can still hear it, it does it with low idle accelaration:

    dead stop acceleration, accelaration after a gear shift and the hard throttle acceleration

    changed plugs went thru the whole 60 / 40 gap deal so its running ac delco iridiums at 40
    changed wires, fuel filter air filter

    since its a 00 cant mess with the timing so i'm stumpped

    thanks for the help in advance
  9. SurrealOne

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    I did not know this random factoid and appreciate its inclusion.

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