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    Sadly my 04' silverado gauge assembly is starting to fade and i wonder if anyone knows of a way to fix this issue without having to actually purchase a new cluster... plus all blue gauges would be nifty they would match meh stero...
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    hey there! sucks that your having the problem man. you can replace the individual ilght themselves, but there not like the old ones that just twist on and off. they are actually solidered onto the circuit board. i did the bule LED conversion on mine (its an 04 too by the way) so i've seen it up close and personal.

    with that said, in order to change the bulbs, your gonna have to get to the circiuit board. so, since your already in there, you should just do the blue conversion and get it over with!!:great:

    i just de-solidered all the bulbs and took them out, then glued my own led's on and ran the power to them to my headlight wire so it still worked with the auto lights. however, i did EVERYTHING!! gauges, climate controls, window and door lock switches, the whole 9!! heres what it looks like:


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