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    Anyone have problems with their speedo and oil pressure gauge acting up. I have a 2004 silverado w/ 4.3L V6. Speedo will either be way high compared to actual speed or low, will reset most of the time when ignition is turned off and then restart truck. Oil gauge just reads low and will reset. I also had issues with the A/C Knob the other day, it would only work on setting 4 and no others then it started working after some time. Thanks in advance.

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    The 2003"-2005".....Truck & SUV's have Problems with Gauges that Stick,Flutter and become Inoperative.......

    G.M. has a Special Coverage Adjustment for Trucks & SUV's.......the Coverage is for 7 years or 70, which G.M. will replace the Dash Cluster's....

    The Below link goes into detail re-guarding this,

    If your truck is over on the Years & Mileage,there are company's that can fix your Dash Cluster.....the item that is causing the problem's with your Gauge's is the stepper motor...and that's the item that needs to be Replaced.

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    X2!!! a lot of people on here have had that problem.
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    I've got a similar issue with my speedo. Going to replace the stepper motors as soon as I get them in. (ordered them off EBAY) I'll post how difficult/easy the change is.
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    My 2005 / 2500 HD did the same thing. Finally, speedo died together. Cost me almost $ 600 to replace at dealer. GM will cover if mileage under 70,000 in some cases. Am really fed up with Chevy's service!
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    Just completed the change out of the stepper motors. It was incredibly simple if you know how to use a de-soldering tool and a soldering gun. Cost me a total of 40$ to change all the stepper motors out. And only tool about an hour. Dealer wanted 450.00 to fix.
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    For those looking to go the stepper motor route - I do believe there is a post in the How-To section on doing just that.
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    Southern Electronics distributors in Tucker Ga,(770 270 97400)They will fix it,send it to them,About $175
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    Thats not bad,I will check them out

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    Whent out to my 04 tahoe last night to do the put it in drive and turn the key trick to reset the gages it worked on all but the speedo,Now my tahoe is real hard to crank i think it fiooded it with the fuel pump coming on and off so many times,i turned it on and off about 4 times,it was hard to crank yesterday and today,would not do this trick,just pull the fuse and put it back in,If any one knows why my tahoe is hard to crank please let me know,I even drove it around a little yesterday and it stiil was hard to crank today

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