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  1. Chrys256

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    Hi I am kind of new to this stuff
    I am considering re gearing my truck it is a 05 1500 5.3 with 3.73 (g80 and gt4 codes) also with a cortex programmer with performance w/ 91 octane, k&n cai, airaid tbs, with flowmaster exaust
    Right now I have 285/70/17 on there with a 2in coil spacer considering going a little bigger with a lift in the future. (possible camburg kit with deavers)
    I do tow a 26 ft travel trailer with total weight of 7400 lbs and have air bags on the back
    Is changing the gear ratio a matter of swapping the ring and pinion with 4.10 ring and pinion or are there more things to be done

    Any recomondations would be nice
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  2. Velocity1

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    Losts of of have been through this gearig change process. IMHO, no a jumb to 4.10's from .373's, (regardless of tune), will not provide the torque you need to pull the weight of a 26' trailer. If you've got the 4L60E with the .70 O/D like I do, you've next logical jump is at least 4.56, particularly with the height of the 285x70's. The 5.3l engine is small displacement so you're not going to get the best of both worlds in terms of torque and hp.

    Realistically, I'd look at a truck built specifically for towing, (ie; bigger engine, 8.1 or even perhaps a diesel). In the end you'll have thrown alot of money at the 5.3 that would have justified it and still not be happy withy the 5.3 overall capability.
  3. sstoner911

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    If you do alot of towing I would recommend 4.56 gears and changing everything..i.e carrier bearings, pinion bearings and ring and pinion. At your gear ratio now you can tow 7900 max recommend ratings.

    I went from a 3.42 to a $600 spent...I dont tow with it anymore but if your moving up from 3.73 I would go with 4.56 since your in there and spending the money anyway. If you put in 4.10's your going to wish you had and hate yourself!

    If this was a trailer I pulled on a regular daily.... I would consider a HD model truck but I think you will be fine with a 4.56 upgrade.
  4. McMahan

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    Very well put. X2
  5. silveradotrailblazer

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    I would go with the 4.56's. As mentioned above theres not much differance between the 3.73's and 4.10's.

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