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    I have a 2005 silverado 1500. I was wondering if I can put a 2500 rear end in that in order to get 4.56 gears in the rear. Still unsure about how I would handle the front (buy 4.56 gears or try to fit something used in there)

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    Do you mean the entire rear axle assembly or just the carrier? The entire rear end will fit but you will have to modify the drive shaft. Also the 2500 is 8lug and the your truck is 6 lug, so you would have to but new rear wheels or change the rear axles only to 6lug. If you don't really need the 2500 rear end for off-roading than you better off just changing your rear ring and pinion.
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    x2 on the regearing. You can put a 14 bolt or 2500 rear axle in your truck but as stated you will have to get 8 lug rims or find some 6 lug axles the drive shaft you will need a converter u joint or you can try to find a rear axle from a silverado SS or the new votex max 1500's they have the 14 bolt semi floater with the 9.5" ring gear. You also need to match gears to if you go 4.56 in the rear you have to do 4.56 in the front.

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