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  1. 516blackout

    516blackout New Member

    hey guys i got a 2500 silverado with a fabtech 6inch lift kit looking to get a rize 10inch lift i have 35,s wanna put 40,s on there what gear ratio should i do its still my daily driver and i tow about a 4000pd trailer and its a gas 6.0 if anyone has any input that would be great and i will be selling my 6inch fabtech lift also its 6mths old i can also powdercoat it to what ever color u want to match your truck
  2. azdrtdog

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    Put 4.56's in it for a 40" tire unless you drive a long way then i might go with 4.10's and use low range for wheeling. either way the pinion will be plenty strong so just decide what trade off you want 4.56's will make the tranny way happier all the way around
  3. al96chev

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    4.88's at least you wont regret it

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