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    Hey I'm new to the forum so if this is the wrong place sorry. In the spring I plan to put a 6 in lift on my 03 1500HD, 16" rims and 37-38.5's I already have a 2" body lift and keys with 35's.
    But I have been looking and can't find anywhere with gears for a 1500HD 4x4. I want something around about 4.56 or 4.88's
    I also would like to know about the best throttle body spacers, any good programmers.
    I've been contemplating a cam but what would have to be upgraded to put it in and would it be worth it?
    Just wanting to find some gears and price around and some thoughts on the rest.
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  3. JTx9

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    So 4.88s would be good. One thing I really won't do is play in my truck other than the typical south carolina tradition of donuts in random yards.
    All if this is just a little pre-planning. This won't happen unless I can buy another truck for daily driving, even though I do have a lil 87 yota 2wd ripper I drive everywhere haha.

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