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Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by Crawdaddy, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Crawdaddy

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    I made more progress. I've almost finished the electrical. I have a couple of outside circuits that need to go in the walls, and I'll be ready to insulate. I would have gotten it done today, but I ran out of wire. I'll pick up another bundle of cable tommorow and try to get it done. I'm getting anxious to get the drywall up.

    Sorry no pics. Imagine lots of wiring in the walls and on the rafters.
  2. Coach24

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    imagining as you buy more conduit and wire. you are using conduit, right?
  3. Crawdaddy

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    No conduit inside, it isn't required by code. The main feed coming from outside will be in conduit however up until it gets in the electrical panel.

    I have hit a point that needs to get some thought before I go charging ahead with sheetrocking. The split unit I was looking to use is an order item only. It also requires a drain line for the inside unit which I didn't realize. I also need to think about how I'm getting the lineset into the attic. I was planning on hanging the inside unit off the wall I built above the door. Well, I put the wall directly under a rafter for additional support. Good for strength, not for running big freon lines through... One possible workaround I've come up with is building a small shelf/extension over the door to give me a top plate I can get through to get in the attic. Functional, but not necissarily the most attractive. The only other idea I have is to put the whole unit on an exterior wall like they want. But then, I'll have an ugly outside unit on the front of the shed and a drain line that doesn't look great either. I'm gonna have to think this one through...

  4. Goldie

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    Looks like you are doing a great job! I know I really enjoy my "cave" (18x24), I've got it insulated with a small wood burner to keep my plenty good warm during the winter. One suggestion for you to consider. When you build a work bench make sure you build it to suit yourself so you don't have to hunch over to do any work. And make it as big as you can, believe me you'll appreciate the extra space on it.
  5. Coach24

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    Yup x4 Any new pics ? Ideas may flow from current pics
  6. Crawdaddy

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    I'll try to get a couple when I get in there tonight. I talked my plan over with a friend, and it seems like my plan is plausible. It will also allow me to handle the drain needed by getting me access to a stud cavity where I can run some pvc for a drain line.
  7. Coach24

    Coach24 Rockstar 3 Years 5000 Posts

    Sounds like you have a good bench to go to, full of friends. Isn't it great when you can poll so many and get satisfying results.
    looking forward to updates and see how it all comes together for you
  8. Crawdaddy

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    Friday night my friend and I insulated the room. We got it done in probably 3-4 hours. Today, I got back in there and finished insulating the couple bays we missed, built the cripple studs above the door, put in a board over the new wall for an edge to screw drywall into. Tommorow I'm planning on hanging sheetrock.

    My plans for the a/c unit fell apart. I was hoping to put it over the door, but it turns out I don't have enough vertical room over the door in the first place. I need 11 inches of height for the unit itself plus an additional 4 inches over the unit. I didn't even have 11 inches. So, I'm going to have to move the a/c over 4 feet or so. I'm still going to have to make the wall wider in that area to run the freon lines and the drain hose. It's going to mess with my plans for cabinets on the other side of the wall. I'm hoping I can just get shorter top cabinets or move them down the wall slightly to get the clearance I need. Either way, I'm going to wait to install the a/c unit before figuring that out.
  9. Coach24

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    can you mount the a/c unit on an outside wall/ pad, or on the roof? Maybe an extension off one side of your cave to another add on room just for the A/C unit?
  10. Crawdaddy

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    Over the past few days, I've hung and floated the sheetrock. I must say, I'm worn out and hurt. I never thought it would be so hard to hang and float rock. My friend cancelled on me the day I was planning on hanging the drywall, but I was able to get my grandfather to help me hang the sheetrock. Then my friend came over and he floated the rock for me. So, it's now about ready for paint! It's crazy how fast this has come together. Here's a pic of the walls floated:


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