Getting Driver's side door panel off

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    I need to get the ndriver side door panel off to get at the heated seat switch. Does anyone have any idea's so I don't brake anything. Thanks Eric:happy:
  2. SupplySgt

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    There should be plastic clips holding the door panels to the doors. My Burb works that way as well as the 96 Sierra I used to have. I imagine the NBS body style works the same way. Just be easy on the panels when you pull it off and you'll be able to get it back in. From my personal experience in building automotive parts that use plastic clips, it might help to use a knife to pull the tabs on the clips slightly out (not enough to break them) when you secure the panel back to the door. They work in the same principle as the clips I use at work to attach the backboards of the seats to the metal back frames of the seats.
  3. McClintoc

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    What year and model is your truck?

    I took both interior door panels off my 2001 Silverado this past December to install new speakers. First remove the window/lock controls then there are a couple of screws at the very bottom to remove. Once you have done both of those steps, the panel should just lift up and off.

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