Getting pulled over by the Police!!!!!! Share your story..

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by the phantom, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. the phantom

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    Got pulled over the other night in the phantom. Was coming home from painting my new hood over at a buddies house around midnight and saw a cruiser coming up behind me fast. In an instant he shut his headlights off then back on with his gumballs.. Officer walks up to my door and says "good evening" I said "whats so good about it" He said well I dont know we will see... He then said that my taillights were not working and asked for my license and registration.. I gave that to him and he told me to sit tight.. In 5 minutes he came back and said well they seem kind of dim but as we came up to you they were not working at all.. I then asked if I can exit my vehicle and look at them and he said sure but were going to let you go you just might want to have them looked at.. well then I went back and looked at them and they were fine. I told him well thats the way they are(theyre aftermarket led smoke lights but are dot legal) and he then said, "well theyre working now but they werent earlier. Have a good night sir" and they left. The only thing I thought about afterwards was I wonder what him and his partner thought about my Chucky doll seatbelted in the backseat. LOL They were just fishing my taillights are fine but gave them an excuse to yank me over.. Damn I hate that...
  2. GMCErica

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    Well, I am sorry that you got pulled over, but the Officers were just doing there job. Since your new to this site, you probably haven't read all the other posts and threads like this. We don't want people bashing Law Enforcement/Emergency Service/Military etc on this site. I am an Officer, and have been in the law enforcement commnity for over 10 years, and have been a member on GMTC for over a year now. I will definitely post a comment about anyone's story/complaint etc. as most other law enforcement members will do. I have worked my way in the law enforcement community, worked hard doing the community officer thing, the animal thing, the drug thing and now I am an On Road Srgt. I have very strong opinions about members complaining about getting pulled over, Officer Conduct and the complaining that they have done nothing wrong, their vehicle is within the law, whining about they didn't know the law, and complaining about law enforcement. They become heated discussions and sometimes get out of hand. We do not encourage negative posts about law enforcement members on this site. Members like to complain Officer conduct and getting pulled over etc.. We all like to hear stories about people getting pulled over and what they went through, but we don't encourage posts that may turn negative, offend other people or turn into an argument.
    Sorry again that you got pulled over, hopefully that is the one and only time.. :)
  3. the phantom

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    Sorry gmc if I started a bad thread, I wasnt trying to disrespect or create negative content by the post. I do realize that there would be officers on here but we as the driving community have to interact with the law and do have stories to tell that has to do with our trucks.. I can understand you defending the officers just doing their job and Im sure that leaves a lot open to interpretation. Again sorry if I sounded negative but if I was them officers, I probably would have pulled me over too..... Just to check out my
  4. Dirty Dog

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    hmmm ...:glasses: "there they go the boys in the bright white sports car shining their lights in the air,,, who do they think they are...and where did they get that car"........ snickers.thats a trooper song.. yep they liked your truck bud.... and it was twelve am in the morning.... with nothing better to do.... if i was a copper i would have pulled you over too... just to check out that ride you are sporting,,, and make sure you weren't Drink driven..... No worries mate they just doing their best.....
  5. GMCErica

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    No need to be sorry Phantom, I have been on this site for a long time now, and have seen 100's of threads on members with their "pulled over by an Officer story", it leads it open to people being disrespectful and rude, complaining and whining about the conduct of Officers and bashing the emergency service workers. We love to hear stories about why people got pulled over, sometimes it helps when an law enforcement member posts in the thread to help dissect what happened, or post their knowledge and other members can comment.. I was just saying that posting it as "share your story" leaves it open for negative comments and bashing... To be honest, no one can really comment on your story, cause none of use were there to experience what you felt, saw and experienced. Hope it wasn't a bad experience, some of us are actually out there for the right reasons, and after a decade of working in the field, still love our jobs..
  6. JnBama

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    After a weekend off had forgotten to get a new log book , my luck was pulled over by a DOT Officer for inspection . You usually have to give then your license, med card, truck registration,insurance and check your log book, After a few minutes called me to the car said he was going to shut me down for 10 hrs for not havig a log book . As he was talking a call came to respond to an accident , said he didn't have time to come around to make sure didn't leave ( I would have) . Wrote me a warning and told me to get a log book somewhere, He could have given me a ticket which would have very expensive. I have seen drivers fined$1,200 to $1,700 for log book violations, bought four books the first chance I got
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  7. darkness-lies-

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    Which time lol i been pulled over a lot but none in my silverado. hmm lol one for speeding three for spinning tires one for not stopping at stop sign. reckless driving. only got two tickets first was when i wreaked my ford probe other was when i spun my tires on a wet road with my dakota
  8. Jeremy09LTZCrew

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    I've been pulled over several times. And every single one of them I thoroughly deserved. The only one that sticks out was the first one. I was 17 and got pulled over for doing 60 in a 40. The officer was really cool and we talked about football, the car, etc.. for a good 30 minutes. Then he handed me the ticket and said goodbye. And here I was hoping that whole time we'd be BSing and he'd let me off. Nope. No luck. On the bright side, I've never gotten pulled over in this Silverado. I try to be good..
  9. Sierraowner5.3

    Sierraowner5.3 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    my all time favorite was the time one (county sheriff) decide to pull me over at 2:30 in the morning for driving a tractor thru town..... story goes that my brother was getting divorced, so i had to drive his tractor from his exs uncles place to my parents. 80 miles at 20 mph....

    anywho, the LAST town i had to go thru (been thru a half dozen at this point) the local sheriff decides to pull me over. wants to run my license, i tell him i dont need one to drive the tractor, and that he dosnt need to see it. he says he wants to check if I have warrents out. I say ive never even gotten i ticket, and i have no warrents. he wants to check any ways. we argue back and forth for a bit, and I finally say screw it and give it to him.

    dont wanna spend the night in the county jail or anything, and he seemed the type to make some crap up and do that to me. at this point another car pulls up and he wants to know the story. explain the whole thing to him (older nicer guy) and he gives the younger one a "you are in deep **** look"

    long and the short of it is that the older one told me to have a good night and be on my way, and the younger one just looked pissed. i heard the older one yelling at him for bothering me. soemthing to the effect of that "this isnt rochester, (local big city, transfer im guessing) and what he was doing was fine"

    i toyed with the idea of letting the tractor roll backwards and punching a hole in the younger guys radiator in is squad car, but that wouldnt have been a very nice thing to do. so i just left.

    damn city cops.

  10. moogvo

    moogvo Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Actually, whether or not you need a license to drive a tractor in a "Public Vehicular Area" doesn't seem to be relevant here... If I were a cop and saw someone driving a tractor through town in the middle of the night, I would have stopped him too. It is legal in our area to drive farm equipment on the road for a limited number of miles for the purpose of performing normal farming operations during normal hours that farming operations take place and where the road is the only path between two farm properties. There isn't a lot of farming that takes place in the middle of the night, so it would immediately look suspicious to me. How does the cop know that the tractor isn't stolen?

    Put yourself into the cop's boots for a moment... What if, the next morning, farmer Bob's tractor comes up missing and you saw someone riding it down the road last night but didn't bother to check it out? Anything that looks out of place is a valid reason to do a traffic stop. I am guessing here, but I think that a road-going tractor in the middle of the night would be out of the ordinary in almost ANY town. LOL! Not only that, but it is perfectly legal for law Enforcement to require identification from anyone involved in any suspicious activity. If your driver's license is your only means of identification, then you can be required to show it, whether or not an operator's license is required for your current activity. (You HAVE to know that I am really entertaining myself here and laughing with every keystroke, so please don't be offended!)

    I live in a small, rural north Carolina community where most of the land is used for tobacco farming... One of the tobacco farmers lost his license for driving under the influence. He started driving his tractor to the store for his beer and cigarettes. Eventually, the town cop pulled him, confiscated his tractor and charged him with "Driving while license revoked", "Operating a motor vehicle without financial responsibility" (auto insurance), "Operating a motor vehicle with improper lighting", "Operating a motor vehicle without displaying a proper State-issued license number plate", "Operating a non-DOT approved motor vehicle in a public vehicular area" and "Operating a motor vehicle without a valid North Carolina inspection" He lost his tractor in addition to losing his license for an additional year and a bunch of other costly violations.

    While it IS legal for him to operate farm machinery on a public roadway for the purpose of "performing normal farming operations", it is not legal to use farm equipment as a means of transportation. now, our town cop is sort of an ass, but he IS fair and he DID warn the farmer several times about what he was doing over a period of 7 months. I guess he got tired of seeing it. LOL!

    Now, they are popping people for riding lawn tractors and ATVs along the side of the streets on the easements. One guy screwed it up for everyone... and I DID so enjoy riding my lawn tractor to the store for a Diet Pepsi after cutting the grass... 6 miles away. LOL!

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