Getting pulled over by the Police!!!!!! Share your story..

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by the phantom, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Curky

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    Every Time I got pulled over and got a ticket, I did it and was wrong. I have always been straight up and honest. Witch at times that have got me in more trouble a couple of times. Here is a story. Not bashing anyone.
    I was 18years old and had a 95 Mustang 5.0 (which no 18yr old should have, lol) Needless to say I was speeding. When I saw the cop, I know he had me. So, before he even came close to catching up. I pulled over and waited. This was the first time I have ever been pulled over and was nerves. He came to my window and said, “You do know why I was pulling you over I see because you stopped and waited!?! I said yes I was speeding. (He was very angry) He said,” Do you know how fast you were going?” I said,” No sir my speedometer stops at 85. I kind of chuckled. I was nervures. Not laughing or anything. This made him very, very, very angry. With that said I got 10pt. I was caught doing 96 in a 65
  2. moogvo

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    I got pulled over several months ago while responding to a structure fire. the cop pulled me over and asked "where's the fire". I pulled my phone out and looked at the text message dispatch sent and told him the address of the fire. He saw my 2 way radio, looked into the back of the truck and saw my turnout gear and began shouting. "THAT'S MY NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR'S HOUSE! GET GOING!!!"

    It turned out to be an alarm that was triggered by a burning bag of microwave popcorn, so no damage, no fire. The cop was on the scene and approached me. He said "In all of the years I have been asking people "Where the fire is", you gave me the ONLY answer that ever got anyone out of a ticket!"
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  3. dsfloyd

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    Both those are good ones.

    Ive been pulled over a few times and deserved them all. The only one I complain about is this one:
    So I was in Colorado for my cousins wedding. Now I had a few tickets for speeding when I was younger and my wife laughs at how slow I drive now (usually set the cruise at the limit or a couple mph over). Especially being out of state and in a rental I always set the cruise at the speed limit. So I go out to try and get some psuedophed (the real sudafed) for the wife. I couldnt remember if the pharmacy was open 7 days a week or not to get the real stuff (it wasnt so I dint even need to be driving) and it has to be at a pharmacy since you have to sign your life away to get it. So I drove to one and its closed so put the next one in the gps and figured if it wasnt open I would go back to the house. Well on the way from the first to second walgreens I passed two of the radar signs on the road. Both showed that I was going 5mph SLOWER than the speedometer read. So as I am heading to the highway I get onto the road that leads to the on ramp. Since I am visiting I am a little unfamiliar with the area and was looking for something and missed the speed limit sign. It was posted right at the intersection in stead of a couple hundred feet down where it would easily be seen (the one on the street I came from was tucked behind a big tree). So I make the turn to pull on the road and dont see the speed limit sign. I figure its a sunday and this is a commercial area going to the highway so I figure speed limit is 40-50 mph. I am behind another car and going 45. I even see the cop sitting on the side of the road (do the typical back off a little since i didnt know the speed limit). Well sure enough I pass him and he immediately pulls out. So I know the drill and pull over before he even turns on the lights. So I have everything for him when he gets to the window. He looks at my California license (which out of state is an easy ticket as less chance of fighting), and asks if I know how fast I was going and limit, and eventually where I was going since I was out of state. I stated I was going about 43 but didnt know the limit. IT WAS 30 MPH. I think I looked at him and asked "seriously. Well guess I was speeding and laughed". I told him I didnt know the limit and thought I was going a reasonable speed for the road (completely straight) and nothing but commercial buildings. He said the limit was set at 30 because for about 20 minutes twice a day sunday there was heavy traffic because of a church in one of the buildings and too high a speed is dangerous. I could see that but obviously not being from there did not know. So I waited until he gave me the ticket as not to seem argumentative even though I admitted that I was speeding, but mentioned that not a couple minutes before I had passed 2 radar detectors stating that I was going 5 mph slower than the speedometer. He even admitted there is another by his house that posts the same thing. He first stated they are there to slow people down, but then I asked so wouldnt they say you are going faster than odometer. Because the way (3 in a small town) are set they actually cause you to speed up. He thought about it then said well those are maintained by the city not the police and I had you with Lydar. Also that those dont get calibrated as often unlike his gun. I said I beleive the speed you show just thought it was interesting that all three were off calibrated to the same speed and getting people to go faster. I left it at that since I didnt feel like making the cop mad and he gave me directions to where I was going. What I wanted to ask when he said the city runs those not the PD was since the PD is run by the city isnt that one hand setting the people up and then the other hand citing them which in turn makes the first hand money. Seems a little unethical (even if not intended by the cops as I will blame the city). the worst part is the night before my uncle (who has lived there for a long time, and his daughter had gotten married) was with his visiting cousins and was pulled over for DUI close to his house. Did he get a ticket? Absolutely not (I dont blame him either. Its good to know all of the cops). In the end I call to pay my ticket. The lady tells me what the fine is and with payment they will reduce it to 1 point instead of 4. At that point I asked if they doubled the fine could they drop it to 0 points. Not sure she liked that but she just said NO. Worst part is I ended up being back out in CO when my court date was but I already paid the ticket.
  4. SurrealOne

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    For the last 18 years I've lived in Texas and Kansas. Texas is not a points state; neither is Kansas. In Texas you can dodge one ticket per year away with defensive driving ... as long as you haven't taken it in the last 12 months. In Kansas if the ticket is less than 6 over in a 54 mph (or less) zone ... or is less than 11 over in a 55 mph (or greater) ... the ticket is automatically a non-moving violation and simply has a fine attached. If it's above either threshold for the zone you can visit the DA (no attorney needed) and ask to pay double the fine to have the charge knocked down from a speeding ticket to a non-moving violation (a parking ticket) ... and as long as you aren't habitual in that local jurisdiction, they'll usually grant it.

    Before I moved back to NC (a points state) I analyzed my driving record from Kansas. In NC careless & reckless is 20 mph over the limit. In Kansas it's 30 mph over the limit. Careless & reckless counts as 6 points in NC. If memory serves it's 8 points in one year or 12 points in 3 years afor you to lose your license in NC. In one year, alone, in Kansas I had (in order of receipt) 22 over, 27 over, 10 over, and 23 over ... on highways. The 10 over was a 'gift' from the trooper because I pulled over before he even got in his car or put the lights on; I knew I was toast; actual was 21 over. All were non-moving violations either by statue or by paying double the fine. I deserved every one of them.

    I was driving a bone stock 2006 6.1L 300C SRT8 back then. Cruising speed (top dead center) in that car is 90mph. Stock they are electronically limited to 165 (I learned this on the open road by persona experience); electronically unlimited they will supposedly do 192 but I didn't have the gonads to do it (and it was still under warranty).

    I sold that car becuase it would get me in trouble in NC ... as in out of a license in NC. There's no point in owning a stupidly fast car if you can't or won't drive the snot out of it. I bought my first truck when I moved, last year to make sure I didn't do something stupid to cost me my license, as I have no desire to drive trucks the way I drive cars. I'm usually 2-4 over the speed limit, tops, these days.

    I guess I got old ... or maybe smarter. Hrm.

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  5. hotrodchevy

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    I was sitting at a red light, reving the ....out of my straight pipes, with my buddies motor cycle helmet on, when the light turned green I did a neutral drop and blew U-joint all over the intersection. I hadn't noticed the squad sitting in a store lot accross the sreet,they made sure I saw them,then having a great big belly laugh they drove off leaving me stranded. Hope all you LEO's LOL!!!
  6. Pikey

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    Every time I drive the lifted truck I plan on being pulled over. I don't drive fast or over the speed limit. I just know that it attracts attention. I will not have one beer when I know I will be driving it. The truck is way over the lift law height in Michigan. While 98% percent of the officers do not know anything about the law. On two separate occasions I was pulled over and issued tickets for having lift blocks over 4" on my front axle. Um, it is IFS there is no place for lift blocks. I fought it both times and won. It turns out that they were measuring my rubber bump stops. I am very respectful (Yes Sir, Yes Ma'am, Yes Deputy) if I am pulled over and generally I am let go with a warning. I see no need to be a smart A$$ to an officer that does not know if he is walking up to a truck with someone in it that wants to shoot them. Their jobs are stressful as it is, they don't need me being a A$$ on top of it. I don't speed at all in my Yukon xl, If i drive it like I stole it then it costs way to much in fuel.
  7. elittle

    elittle Member

    Recently there has been a lot of highway construction near me, they are widening the freeway. I jumped on the freeway one morning at 8:45am to go to work like usual. I merged on and got in to the fast lane and was just cruising along, then I notice a Highway Patrol car parked on the side of the freeway. I pass him, then I see him fly on to the road so I check my speed, I was going 65mph. In the construction zone the speed limit was 55mph, so I thought he was going to get me for speeding.

    I merged over, and he flys right up on me and turns on that dreaded red light, so I pull off the freeway and stop. He walks up to my car and tells me "the reason I pulled you over this morning is for driving in the carpool lane. I immediately was like WHAT THE HELL, then I realized it. Overnight they had opened a 3rd lane and made it a carpool lane....

    I was shocked, there had never been a carpool lane there ever since the freeway was opened like 60 years ago or something. I was so used to seeing all the signs for construction and so used to it being how its been forever that I didn't even notice. I ended up getting a $381 fine plus $100 in admin fees, for a total of $481... I would have rather gotten a speeding ticket, it would have saved me $250. The freeway was also empty of cars and the carpool lane was only in effect another 12 minutes that morning...

    I was laughing with him through the whole thing though, and he even thanked me for not being a dick and shook my hand after. I still felt like I got tricked and robbed by the state but they weren't the ones driving my car. It was an expensive ass lesson to learn though.
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  8. BrownPats420

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    Same outlook as you Pikey, Amen to that!
  9. Jimmeh

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    Last time I got pulled over, I was doing 43 in a 25 MPH school zone. I was in my hunting gear and had my rifle in the cab and my hunting pack, and let the officer know before I gave him my license and stuff. He went back to his car, and I called my buddy to let him know I was probably going to be late, but the cop came back a couple seconds later, handed me my stuff back and said good luck!

    Awesome thing was, where we hunted at we were surrounded by elk that day, even though we couldn't get a shot at any of them. Didn't bag anything, but it was an interesting day!
  10. JnBama

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    A few years ago was driving a newer Mack Vision truck while my old dawg was in the shop. with no traffic around wanted to see how fast it went , up to 75 mphs pretty good I guess maybe 80, 85 just my luck a State Trooper came down the on ramp on the other side and here he comes. He says Driver I got you doing 80 in a 65 zone, I said I was just tired , ready to get home wasn't paying attention. He wrote a ticket for 65 in a 55 zone because it's cheaper , less points and sure he knew my boss at the lumber co. Didn't tell him I didn't have my glasses on and the small speedometer and gauges was just a blur.:glasses:

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