Getting pulled over by the Police!!!!!! Share your story..

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    Well, this one time (fall 2010) in Dutchtown, Louisiana, I was on the way back from my brother's house at 2330. I was rolling 70 in a 55 down Highway 621 and came up on some railroad tracks that are fairly smooth so I let off and coasted over them about 45. There is a red light hitting a major 4 lane highway (Highway 61 also known as Airline) about 1/10th-1/5th of a mile with a right turn lane. I was doing around 40 and hit that right turn lane just as the light for 621 turned orange. I scooted out going a bit too fast to make the right lane so I took the only logical choice, to dart into the left lane like I've done 1,000 times and hit 70mph in a 65 zone. I saw a car coming up somewhat fast behind me in the left lane so hit my blinker on for 2 or 3 clicks and changed lanes.

    The police around here are all in Crown Vics and as soon as I saw him get over into my lane and I recognized the headlights and side markers, I said crap. Pulled over into a closed gas station instead of the side of the road because I've seen the videos police officers getting taken out by idiots and 3 of my cousins are officers so I care about their safety as well as mine. Sat in my truck until he came over his P.A. telling me to come to his car. I had my little beagle in the truck and as I got out, I told her to stay (not sure why, she was about 3 months). As I walked back to the trooper's unit, he asked who was in the truck and I said my dog and he asked what kind of dog it was which I told him she was a beagle. He looked at me and asked for my license which I gave to him and he asked if I had been drinking, at this point 2 more troopers pulled up. I said no, drinking and driving is retarded but he asked me if we could do a F.S.T. which I said sure to (I may have seemed drunk, but I was about to fall asleep since I was up for 30 hours +/- working overtime/ someone who didn't show up's 12 hr shift :grrrrrr:). He then asked if he knew why he pulled me over as to which I said no idea (I really did not know). He informed me that he "saw" me "weaving" and when I changed lanes, I didn't put on my blinker, nothing to do with speeding.

    We started the F.S.T. which at that point, the other 2 troopers asked to search my truck which I gave the go ahead, they asked if anyone was in their I said no just my dog and I have a pistol in the center console. Aced the balance, follow the light, touching nose and then they went with their "for sure method" of telling me to say the ABCs backwards which I can do in my sleep and I can do it quickly. I recited them and he made me do them 2 more times because he couldn't keep up; ZYXWVUTSRQPONMLKIHGFEDCBA. It was right after that one of the troopers pulled my gun out to run it through NCIC to check to see if its stolen or been used in a crime that we realized my dog jumped out of the truck and was sitting next to me looking at me ace the F.S.T. He still didn't believe I wasn't drinking (I was dead dog tired and its 2430 by this time) so he called his supervisor who had the breathalizer which I blew a 0.00. The troopers searching my truck found nothing and left leaving me, the trooper who pulled me over and the supervisor.

    As I picked up my dog, he handed me my gun back cleared and locked open and told me to stay here with the supervisor. At this point, I opened my tailgate and leaned against it with my head down resting my chin on my chest, arms crossed and dog in the bed and closed my eyes. He was gone for about 20 minutes and at this point I was snoring according to the supervisor. He had gone about 20 miles there and back to the nearest 24hr gas station and bought me a 5 hr energy and a coke (its about 0130 by the time he got back) and pulled up and said here, drink this so I wouldn't fall asleep driving...what he didn't know was that I had to wake up at 0300 to go to work for 0400.

    Got home at 0230 and didn't even catch even a wink of sleep only to get ready and go back to work...never had that many energy drinks in my life that day :lol:. 43 hours of work and thank God I had the next day off or I would have imploded. I would like to think that the trooper who bought the 5 hr energy and coke for me saved my life and maybe someone else's by pulling me over and buying that for me. Saw him and the supervisor a few weeks later at the Cracker Barrel restaurant here in town and picked up their bill for them.
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    :glasses:Well I guess i should start like this i have not been pulled over for 15 years now, thats due to i don't speed, i am never in a hurry, and i grew up many years ago.... but in the days we had some fun with the fedderalizes(RCMP) see i live in the country and in those days we knew all the boys in the bright white sports cars, and they in return knew all of us and our rides..... it was nothing to evade capture in those days a hard right into the stubble field and we were outta of there..... now realize that we thought we got away, but 9 out of ten times they were either waiting at the gate for us at home or showed up the next morning to give us our copy of the the ticket and our court appointment.......lmao.... in those days my yearly licence was over 1200.00 hard earned its 25.00 per year and i get to spend the rest on mods for my trucks.......
    thanx to all them boys in them Bright white sports cars, who keep our highways safe for all.......
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    Read more:!!!!!!-Share-your-story#ixzz1tUuxJTHM

    Read more:!!!!!!-Share-your-story#ixzz1tUuxJTHM

    "I have very strong opinions about members complaining about getting pulled over,"

    Lets be honest young lady you have very strong opinions about many things. it is your pet peeve on the pulled over and mistreated law enforcement issue.
    Your strong opinions on a variety of subjects are what we love about you. So don't change.

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